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Polar Leg Recovery Test white paper

Athletes use vertical jumps to assess their explosive leg power. Other benefits of the jump test are automatic assessment of the recovery status of the neuromuscular functioning of the lower body, as well as training readiness guidance. Now, all these features are available from the wrist as a Leg Recovery Test, without the need for expensive equipment or a laboratory visit. Previously, a standard method to obtain vertical jump height was a jump mat that is cumbersome and not portable in modern-day standards. Recent advancements in technology have made it possible to determine jump height with a wearable sensor. We designed and validated a wrist-worn sensor that detects vertical jumps and calculates jump height with minimum time and effort required from the user. Our wearable sensor demonstrated strong correlation, low mean bias and good test-retest repeatability as compared to criterion measure (jump mat). For the first time in history, such a test is available 24h a day for sports watch owners.

Full document (PDF)

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