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Polar Orthostatic test white paper

An orthostatic test is a simple way to evaluate the body’s recovery status. Originally developed for medical use, the test has been used in sports science for over 20 years. Polar has further developed the method to create the Polar Smart Coaching feature. The test measures heart rate and heart rate variablility at rest and during stand up. It displays the result in both a numerical and visual format. With the Polar Orthostatic Test, the user can learn and understand responses to training and other life demands. Sleep, stress, nutrition, environment, altitude are just some of the things that affect the nervous system. In a figure below an example of a test is presented. Mean heart rates at rest and during stand up are 52 bpm and 81 bpm and r-r-intervals 60 ms and 18 ms, respectively. These results indicate a “recovered” status for this person.

The orthostatic test white paper describes the measurement in more detail, explains the measures and calculation methods as well as the interpretation of the results. Additionally, the validity and reliability of the test are given.

Full document (PDF)

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