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Polar Nightly Recharge white paper

Night-time recovery from training and stress is a central element of performance development, optimal daytime functioning, wellbeing, and health. When well recovered, people are more likely to follow a healthy lifestyle. Therefore, it is important to allow enough time for recovery, both on a daily basis and in the longer term.

The Polar Nightly Recharge feature combines information on the functioning of the autonomic nervous system (ANS) and sleep from automatic nightly measurements and assesses the body’s recovery status, called nightly recharge status. The nightly recharge status compares the previous night’s measurements to the individual’s measurement history and indicates how well their body has recovered. Based on the measured data, Nightly Recharge gives personalized daily tips for exercising, sleeping, and regulating energy levels.

The feature utilizes generally accepted tools for assessing ANS functioning and sleep in real-life settings. An optical measurement of the heart’s beat-to-beat intervals from the person’s wrist is the foundation for Polar’s algorithm. The algorithm interprets variation in beat-to-beat intervals (i.e. heart rate variability) together with 3D acceleration in light of up to date scientific knowledge on training, stress and recovery.

The principles and content of the Nightly Recharge white paper gives the reader background on this feature as well as a description of its benefits and the principles behind the feature. Scientific evidence and its validity are also presented.

Full document (PDF)

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