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Polar H10 HR Sensor System white paper

The electrocardiogram (ECG) measures the electrical activity of the heart. Each heart beat is associated with a corresponding signal phase and characteristics on the ECG. For heart rate measurement, the most important signal phase is the QRS complex that represents the contraction of the ventricles. In 1983, Polar Electro launched the world's first heart rate monitor based on the simple concept of having a chest strap as a sensor and a wristwatch as a heart rate display, memory and user interface.Since then the basic concept has remained the same, but there has been extensive development of the materials of the strap electrodes, material of the strap itself, measurement electronics and algorithm for QRS detection as well as in the communication technology for transmitting heart rate information to the user device.The current version presents the 5th generation of Polar Heart Rate technology and offers a further improvement to the previous generation of H7 technology, whose performance has been acclaimed and has been widely used as a reference for wearable HR measurement systems. The H10 sensor is attached to the Polar Pro Strap and can be used alone or synced into wrist units or the Beat App. The Polar H10 Sensor System white paper gives the technology background of the sensor and reviews the validation study results on the performance of the technology developed.

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