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Over 9500 science references found at Polar Research Library


Polar Research Center actively follows published scientific reports to ensure Polar smart coaching outcomes are in accordance to scientific research findings. One part of the follow-up procedures are studies using Polar technology.

The very first scientific study by Polar was published in 1984 (Karvonen et al.) and this dealt with portable (Polar) heart rate measurement accuracy compared to medical electrocardiogram (ECG). Today, the total number of study references at Polar Research Library is 9548 studies - and this number grows each year; in 2017, a total of  1017 references were found; 2018 - 1100 references; 2019 - 1309 references; and in 2020 we hit an all-time record with a total of 1392 studies.

The biggest increases were related to studies in competitive sports and training, validations, and studies done on animals. The biggest reference lists are however, in medical topics.

A notable change has happened in recent years: Polar is not only used as a measuring tool for physiology, but also as a reference method in many studies. This indicates a high level of trust in Polar technology within research and scientific environments.

When scientific references of other wearable brands are compared to Polar, the results show that Polar alone is used for reference more than all others combined.

The research studies search is based on four main global databases; PubMedCentral, ScienceDirect, Scopus and SpringerLink - this can be considered reliable, extensive coverage in this area. Everybody can read the Polar references and can specify the topic using keywords. During March 2021, for example, Polar Research Library recorded 600 page views.  

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