Train your horse to peak performance

Ensure proper warm-up and recovery
Monitoring heart rate ensures that the horse warms up properly before a strenuous exercise. And when they need rest, you’ll know that, too. This is helpful for a recreational rider, for example, whose horse may be in a stall all week with minimal activity.

Measure training intensity
With Polar's heart rate monitor, you can adjust each activity session to the right level of intensity, which is the most important ingredient in any training program. Training too hard for too long can increase the risk of injuries, and then again, training too lightly doesn't significantly improve the horse's performance.

Assess recovery during interval training
Many owners and trainers are now using interval training to improve their horse’s fitness, using short but intense training sessions separated by short recovery periods. If your horse’s heart rate doesn't return to the desired recovery target within the rest period, it's a signal to you that the program is probably too hard or too long. All this helps you create specifically tailored training plans of suitable intensity and duration.

Track fitness improvement
The horse's heart rate during exercise and recovery can tell you whether your horse’s fitness has improved. When your horse has got fitter, the heart rate at a given trotting speed becomes lower, whereas during recovery the heart rate goes down faster.