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Polar and Les Mills | Join the tribe

Polar and Les Mills have joined forces to create a fitter and healthier planet. With Polar A370, the LES MILLS Edition wristband, and LES MILLS™ workouts as Polar sport profiles you can be sure to catch every sweaty minute. And there's more: you can even share your experience with the world. Just add your favorite workouts to your Polar A370 and get started.

Polar A370 - Stay on the pulse


Waterproof fitness tracker with continuous wrist-based heart rate.


When you’re working out, heart rate guidance helps you train at the right intensity and drives you towards your fitness goals.


Understand your activity and sleep patterns to support your overall health and wellbeing.


Polar A370 LES MILLS Edition wristband

Boost your workouts with Polar A370 and the LES MILLS Edition wristbands. Heart rate tracking helps you train at the right intensity, avoid undertraining and overtraining, and reach your goals faster.

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Discover the Polar sport profiles for LES MILLS workouts on Polar Flow.

Track your LES MILLS workouts with your Polar fitness tracker and LES MILLS sport profiles. Add your favorite workout profiles to your fitness tracker in Polar Flow and get started! Les Mills Master Trainer Michael Steenhouwer shows you how to do this.

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Let the world know how you sweat!

Tracking your LES MILLS workouts is just the beginning, we also make it easy for you to share your workout experience directly from Polar Flow app, complete with your own image and LES MILLS™ workout info.

Discover the world’s most popular workouts.

Every week millions of people get moving with LES MILLS. With workouts spanning everything from strength training to dance, yoga, martial arts, HIIT and more, there’s a LES MILLS™ workout for everyone.

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New to LES MILLS Workouts?

Try them at home with LES MILLS On Demand and your Polar fitness tracker.

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Join the party with LES MILLS, Reebok and Polar at LES MILLS Live.

Come experience the world’s biggest fitness parties in 2019. LES MILLS Live is a tour that will get thousands of people moving at events around the world from London to Shanghai.

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Les Mills on the Polar Blog

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