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Push your potential

Train with the 'Fittest on Earth'

You’re putting in the work and making progress, but sometimes not even you know how much of your true potential stays hidden – locked away in a room called “Your Comfort Zone”.

To help you unleash all of your awesomeness, Frederik Aegidius, the coach of the two-time ‘Fittest Woman on Earth' Annie Thorisdottir, has created a 4-week fitness program that will increase your strength, endurance and functional range of motion – which is basically a fancy way of saying:

After this fitness program, you’ll be able to do more for longer and with better movement!

How to get started?

Step 1

Do the fitness test to set your baseline.

Step 2

Get your sweat on with the 4-week fitness program

Step 3

After you’ve completed the program, do the follow-up test.

Get started with redefining your potential!

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