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Polar SDK

Polar mobile SDK enables you to read and interpret live data from Polar heart rate sensors, including ECG data, acceleration data and heart rate broadcast.

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What Polar mobile SDK offers

There are two heart rate sensors:

Polar H10 which is a traditional heart rate sensor worn on the chest with a chest strap, and Polar OH1 which is an optical heart rate sensor worn on the arm.

Polar mobile SDK supports several data streams. Some of the data streams are sensor-specific.

Data available from both sensors
  • Heart rate broadcast (read data from several sensors)
  • Acceleration
  • Sensor memory read
  • Device ID
Sensor-specific data
  • ECG & RR intervals: Polar H10
  • PPG & PPI: Polar OH1

How to get started?



Go to Github to see the SDK documents.



Download the SDK package and accept the license agreement with Github.



Start working on your project.

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