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Polar API

Polar’s proprietary application programming interface (API)

Access data from Polar consumer devices and the Polar Team Pro system. Polar API provides a direct information sharing link between the Polar ecosystem and your organization’s own data system.

Polar Open AccessLink

Data from Polar consumer devices

This is user data: basic information about the user, such as height and weight.

A rich data set on training sessions and daily activity measured with Polar devices.

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Polar Team Pro API

Data from Polar Team Pro system

Team Pro API offers a gateway for 3rd parties to connect with Team Pro specific data.

You can access the following data sets through our API:

  • List of all the teams within the organization.
  • Team’s details such as name, roster and individual player info.
  • Training session details such as time, location, participants and session specific notes.
  • Player performance data such as distance, sprints, training load, heart rate available in both 1Hz and in 10Hz samples.
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