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By connecting with Polar, you can link up with millions of people all over the world who love and use Polar products every day. In doing so, you can reap the benefits from Polar’s combination of expertise in sports, physiology and electronics coupled with a deep understanding of customer needs. It is this unique combination that has enabled us to lead the way in technological innovations and heart rate monitors since 1977. Joining our efforts gives you unparalleled opportunities to build on the great Polar products and services.

Connect with Polar system

Connecting Possibilities

At the heart of being connected is Polar's desire to offer our end users more value and better solutions based on the users’ training and activity data. End users always have full control over their data and decide who it’s shared with. We offer the following possibilities to connect with us:

  • Apple HealthKit and Google Fit fitness platforms offer the easiest and fastest way to utilize general Polar training data. These platforms enable application developers to create more valuable solutions to our common end users.
  • Polar AccessLink is our own proprietary application programming interface (API) for more specific training data. It offers corporate programs, such as insurance companies and wellness institutions, a direct link that enables them to create solutions that offer extra benefits and bonuses to users with Polar products.
  • Bluetooth®Smart technology enables device level compatibility for manufacturers to create innovative sensors and gym equipment that work seamlessly with Polar products.
  • Flow Export offers end users a possibility to download their individual training session data as TCX, GPX or CSV files from Polar Flow web service and upload those manually to 3rd party services like Strava or Training Peaks.

Apple HealthKitGoogle FitFlow ExportAccessLink
General training data export (sport ID, time, duration, distance, calories, HR samples) xxxx
Location samples export xx
TCX export x
GPX export xx
Speed sample export xx
Cycling cadence and power export xx
Smart coaching feature export (e.g. Training load) xx
Daily activity export: Steps xxx
Daily activity export: Calories x
Daily activity export: Sleep time x
Automatic data export xxx
Free of charge xxxx
Anyone can utilize xxx
Partnerships approved by Polar x

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