Polar AccessLink

Better fitness for your business
A great number of organizations, from health plan providers and insurance companies to corporate wellness professionals, can benefit from having more active members or colleagues. Business concepts based on this solution offer new ways to attract and commit end users with bonuses and other incentive programs.

Polar AccessLink is a service for your company to motivate your employees or members in efforts to achieve a healthy and active lifestyle. If that is important to you, then the AccessLink service can bring added value to your organization.

Many great opportunities

AccessLink provides an information sharing link between the Polar ecosystem and your organization’s own data system. This allows you to see your employees’ or members’ “raw” workout data recorded with Polar products. The end users do not have any access to raw exercise data which is transferred via the AccessLink service.

  • By downloading these training files, you can view your employees’ or members’ training data and use this information to motivate them with bonuses and other incentive programs.
  • Business concepts based on this solution offer great savings to your company, increase employee satisfaction and attract new employees. This solution also works for data management, allowing employees or members to store their training data in polarpersonaltrainer.com, and giving your organization access to a ”copy” of raw exercise data to analyze it. The AccessLink API documentation gives more detailed information about the interface and supported data.
  • In addition, with AccessLink reporting tools, you get an extensive understanding of your employees’ activity and can share personal reports with individual employees to support their efforts towards an active lifestyle. This is why Polar and AccessLink would be an excellent partner to your organization.

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