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Sydney FC

Polar Team Pro helps Sydney FC to make objective and informed performance decisions

Sydney FC has integrated wearable sports technology to their club’s coaching philosophy to ensure that they have the best in sports medicine, sports science and strength and conditioning. Since late 2016 the Australian A-League side has joined professional sports teams from around the world in adopting the Polar Team Pro system which provides the coaching staff with internal and external player performance data both in real time on an iPad and for more thorough analysis after a match or training. Adoption of wearable technology has gained Sydney FC a competitive advantage and taken the club to the top of the A-League ladder in multiple seasons.

The Head of High Performance at Sydney FC Andrew Clark explains: "We strive to create an independent culture where players are educated and responsible for their own performance. Every day we have targets for the total distance that a player is running, the amount of high speed running, sprints, the amount of time spent in heart rate zones and Polar Team Pro helps us hit those targets every day."

The Polar Team Pro system guides and supports Sydney FC coaches and sports science staff in making decisions in training sessions to optimize their team's performance. Team staff can monitor both planning and outcome of daily, weekly and monthly workload through heart rate and GPS metrics in an easy to understand format for both players and coaches.

Clark says: "We use the system to guide us with GPS data, acceleration data and heart rate data both during the session live on an iPad and after the session by downloading the raw data. The thing that makes the Polar Team Pro system so great is its simplicity. It is also easy to use for the players and the information that it gives to coaches and medical staff is simple and clear."

There are two key areas in which the Polar Team Pro system has paid dividends for Sydney FC: benchmarking individual player performance and recovering from injuries.

Clark elaborates: "The Polar Team Pro system allows us to compare players in the areas of heart rate load, high intensity activity and total distance. Also, exposure to top speed running, training load management and recovery time frames from training sessions are vital to ensure players stay fit and healthy throughout a long season."

"At Sydney FC, Polar Team Pro plays an important role in objectively informing coaching and medical team decisions, and these better informed decisions are what is driving our success. It has become an integral part of everything we do in regards to daily training session planning, in-session live monitoring and post session analysis.", concludes Clark.

Teams such as Sydney FC, AFC Ajax, Kilmarnock F.C. and VfL Wolfsburg use Polar Team Pro. Want to join them and optimize your team's performance? Learn more.



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