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AISpotter | AC Oulu

Team Pro API connectivity to AISpotter provides AC Oulu a more accurate way to analyze player performance

The use of technology such as athlete management platforms, video analytics services and wearable technology is the new norm in professional team sports in the 21st century. While top tier pro teams nowadays employ an army of sports and data scientists within their coaching staff, academies, college teams or lower tier professional teams might not have similar luxurious resources.

Timo Rousti, the Director of Sales and Digital Services for AISpotter says: "For many of the coaches the reality is that they have multiple separated data sources they use to analyze the game and team performance, which can be extremely time consuming. They might end up using multiple hours to interpret the data just to be able to understand what the key data points from each game are and how those can be efficiently utilized in coaching."

The easy-to-use Polar Team Pro athlete tracking system and Team Pro API connectivity offer a gateway for 3rd parties to connect with the fundamental athlete performance metrics. Through Polar Team Pro API platform partners, teams and their coaching staff can access Polar Team Pro-specific data sets such as team and training session details and player performance data such as distance, sprints, training load and heart rate available for up to 10Hz samples. Whether your team has a proprietary team platform or uses third-party technology, Polar Team Pro API links your athlete performance analysis solutions and Team Pro Player data together.

AISpotter introduces accurate, cost-efficient and fast video analytics services for professional sports teams. AISpotter software is based on AI and it understands and identifies what the key events in the video are. It combines 3rd party data to a video and automatically creates a video clip collection available in the cloud. AISpotter provides new insights, time saving and more exact data, and allows coaches to focus more efficiently on training.

Rousti explains the benefits of the integration of AISpotter with Polar Team Pro: "Our service significantly reduces the time used to create video clips and other data. It can take the time used to analyze a single game down from 9h to 1h. We can automatically combine Polar sensor data with a video. Having data synchronized with a video gives new insights, saves time and gives more detailed information to the teams on how to improve both the performance of their players and the entire team."

Rousti continues: "This also provides a great tool for teams and coaches to give detailed and exact feedback to the players as they can see the performance data and video analysis synchronized on the same timeline. AISpotter provides a set of key events from a game as video files available in the cloud from where those main events synchronized with Polar Team Pro data can be efficiently picked up or shared."

Mika Lähderinne, the Head Coach of AC Oulu explains: "We are using Polar to measure players' performance in all the training sessions and also in all the games we play. Performance data is used to provide feedback to the players. The key variables we follow in our coaching philosophy during both training and games are: the overall load, maximum heart rate, total distance and high-speed sprints."

Teams using this powerful technology combination of Polar and AISpotter can enjoy video-enriched player performance data and generous amounts of saved time, which frees more time to focus on what matters – coaching. AC Oulu, playing on men's first division, the second highest level of the Finnish football league system, have been using Polar Team Pro since 2016 to improve both player and team performance. Now they can also connect with AISpotter through Polar API interface and synchronize the data with video analysis.

Lähderinne says: "Through Polar Team Pro we are getting important information about the physical load the individual players have. (e.g. heart rates, different speed levels and total distances they have run). With Polar data we can optimize the players' overall load throughout the season. Polar provides us a great tool to prevent injuries and to improve players' physical condition and performance."

Lähderinne continues: "With help of the integration of Polar Team Pro and AISpotter we can have a more accurate and precise way to analyze how our players are performing on the pitch. This helps us to identify the key events from the game faster and more easily."

Rousti adds: "Teams may have various data and video sources in use. Polar data combined with a video gives a more advanced and more detailed tool to sport coaches to analyze both the team and player performance. They don't need to spend hours to interpret sensor data and to think about how to utilize it with coaching and how to combine it with a video. Now they can see directly from the video what really happens in the game when e.g. players are running high speed or are hitting the maximum heart rate."

Lähderinne concludes: "Polar Team Pro together with AISpotter connectivity provides us information that helps us to make objective decisions. Through the integration of player data and video analytics we can easily get more detailed information about the players' performance and save precious time, which gives us the ability to focus more time on coaching."

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