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University of Louisville

Louisville Cardinals uses Polar Team Pro to optimize athlete performance and prevent injuries

We have used the Polar Team solution since 2009, and now have over 150 transmitters used by 10 teams on a year-round basis. Of all of the technology we employ in our sports performance program, the Polar Team solution has had the greatest impact on performance and injury prevention.

There is no doubt we would not have achieved the same level of success over the past decade without the data provided by the Polar Team solution. It has changed the way we plan, organize and track our training and recovery. It is also extremely user-friendly and the customer service is second to none. We are grateful for our long-standing relationship with Polar and look forward to continuing it well into the future.

Jason Dierking
Assistant Director of Sports Performance
University of Louisville

Teams such as Louisville Cardinals, Oregon Ducks, Clemson Tigers and Princeton Tigers use Polar Team Pro. Want to join them and optimize your team's performance? Learn more.



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