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Princeton University

Princeton Tigers use Polar Team Pro to optimize their training and win more games

When it comes to wearable technology and athlete performance analytics, Princeton University is on the top of the adoption curve. Optimizing performance through sports science has been integrated into the everyday activities among their coaching staff already for over 10 years.

The Director of Performance at Princeton University Jason Gallucci explains: "Our relationship with Polar spans back to about even over 10 years when we first started using the software and the hardware to work with our athletes. During the off season, we use Polar Team Pro to have our conditioning complement what we’re doing during the season."

Princeton Tigers' coaches have implemented Polar athlete tracking technology into their program to improve team and individual performance across sports like ice hockey, basketball and football. The Polar Team Pro athlete tracking system provides the staff with a range of analytics to make informed decisions on everything from micro-level adjustments of individual player programming to macro-level changes to the entire team's practice schedule.

"Polar Team Pro allows us to look at the training mode by position. We know what days are supposed to be our hard days of training and also what days are supposed to be our lighter days of training and we can then ramp up for Saturday", says Terry Joria, the Assistant Strength Coach of Tigers Football.

Coaches also get other macro-level data such as recovery time, which is calculated by Polar Team Pro for each individual player in the team. This allows coaches to spread out practices to guarantee that all players are fully rested before the next session and ensures performance is maximized at each practice.

The Head Football Coach Bob Surace says: "As a coach, you’re trying to organize the perfect practice, and after every Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, I will look and see if the structure of the athlete met what we wanted in that practice. I can call Jason or one of our other strength staff members and find out what period was the disconnect. Where I’m looking at the heart rate, the workload, the distance covered, really tangible things to make sure our practice is as good as possible."

Data detected by the Polar Team Pro system can be viewed on the go on the app or in the web service, where the analytics appear for each individual or can be sorted by position group or by offense-defense categorization. Every individual has measures for training load, heart rate, max and average speed, distance covered, the number of accelerations, and more. The first three categories are used to inform most decisions made by Tigers coaches and conditioning staff in order to help players to become healthier, stronger and more prepared to win games.

The Assistant Strength Coach for Tigers Basketball James DeVincenzi says: "When we’re telling our guys we need to push a little bit harder, there are tangible metrics they can aim to. The way that we’ve used the Polar software has definitely helped us win games."

Joria continues: "It’s helped us not only win more games, but also stay healthier on the field and eliminate the soft tissue injuries especially with some of our skilled guys."

Teams such as Princeton Tigers, Oregon Ducks, Clemson Tigers and UConn Huskies use Polar Team Pro. Want to join them and optimize your team's performance? Learn more.




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