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Clemson University

Clemson Tigers uses Polar Team Pro to optimize training efficiency and recovery

The Polar Team Pro System is second to none in the industry. Durable, portable, real-time reporting, simple diagnostic insights, and easy to use software are some of the features and benefits that sets Team Pro apart from other systems. I’ve used virtually every heart rate/telemetry system available over the last fourteen basketball season and Polar’s Team Pro is light years ahead of them all. From hardware to software to technical support team – you will not find a more complete system or organization dedicated to assisting you than Polar and Team Pro.

At Clemson University, we utilize Team Pro in the basketball off season for fitness classification assessment and sport-specific energy system development. In the pre-season, we use Team Pro to periodize training intensity, load and duration so they mimic in-season play. Once we transition to in-season play, we use Team Pro to gauge individual, position, and team-specific loads to optimize training efficiency and recovery for peak game-time performance.

Mike Bewley, MA, CSCS, SSN, USAW-I
Director of Basketball Strength & Conditioning
Clemson University

Teams such as Clemson Tigers, Oregon Ducks, UConn Huskies and Princeton Tigers use Polar Team Pro. Want to join them and optimize your team's performance? Learn more.



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