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Atlanta Falcons

Atlanta Falcons uses Polar Team Pro to track players' workloads and to scientifically structure training and recovery programs

We have been implementing the Polar Team System with the Atlanta Falcons since 2015 with tremendous results. The data collected using this system has been an integral part of the player tracking process within our Athletic Performance paradigm.

The Polar Team Pro System is used every time our players compete on the field during off-season workouts as well as during every structured practice throughout the year. Analysis of the data collected allows us to assess conditioning levels, properly prescribe training volume in the off-season, establish valid return to play conditioning parameters, and effectively monitor workloads during training camp and in-season practices.

The Polar Team Pro System provides teams across all levels of competition the ability to assign numerical values to workloads associated with physical activity and to scientifically structure training and recovery programs.

AJ Neibel
Head Strength and Conditioning Coach
Atlanta Falcons

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