Polar Challenges for Business.

Motivate your workforce through group fitness challenges.

Build a better business through fitness

Polar Challenges for Business is a perfect solution for motivating your employees into healthier lifestyle as well as increasing team spirit through a shared training goal. It offers an easy way to create, analyse and manage group fitness challenges. And it works on a smartphone, tablet or personal computer. As a result your organisation can gain more energised and focused workforce – the building blocks of making better business.

Evidence-based results

Polar products are known globally for their durability and accuracy as well as science backed technology. We offer a complete line of connected activity and fitness trackers as well as running and sports watches. With the help of Polar your employees can see evidence-based results and reach their goals, from being more active to improving sport performance.

Polar Challenges for Business

  • Set-up
  • Follow-up
  • Administration

Customisable, straightforward and engaging

Polar Challenges for business enables you to create customised challenges to your workforce according to a specific goal - calories, distance, steps or active time. You can choose between a shared challenge or a group challenge. In shared challenge participants work together to meet a specific goal. Group challenge encourages teams to engage in a friendly competition, where they race to be the first to reach the set goal. You can also set up a big screen view to a common area like cafeteria for easy challenge follow-up.

It’s on - time to reach the goals together

Simply visual Polar Challenges for Business website enables a convenient way to stay up to date with the current status of the on-going challenge via smartphone, tablet or personal computer. It allows everyone to get a quick glance to data like workouts, calories, steps, active time and distance. And for those who thirst for more, reports provide access to deeper analysis.

Keep it together with the admin tool

With Polar Challenges for Business you can personalise your challenge by adding your company logo on the site. Moreover admin tool enables you to create and export visual reports as well as graphs of a specific challenge or all of the data. You can also follow employee engagement, invite users, manage groups, create new challenges and send motivational messages to participants.

Interested? Here’s what you need to get started.

1. Get Polar fitness trackers
2. Choose your software license:
599€ excl. VAT (6 months) or 999€ excl. VAT (12 months)