Think training and you should think heart rate. They are inextricably linked. Being the easiest and most accurate way to measure fitness and performance, it’s the basis for all Polar products. And when we’re not putting heart rate technology into our products, we’re integrating it into other manufacturers’ products. After all, we understand that health clubs and consumers demand heart rate technology in their training equipment as it not only motivates end users but also allows them to train at the right intensity and reach their desired goals.


Heart rate should be an essential part of cardiovascular training equipment. And if it’s not, at Polar, we can make sure it is. By integrating our advanced heart rate technology in your equipment, you can ensure accurate, consistent and reliable feedback for end users. We have over 250 manufacturing partners who have already done just that. It’s no surprise then that we are the industry leader in heart rate products, technology and services.

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