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Selina Gasparin

Biathlon Vice Olympic Champion

Whatever I train, I always use the Polar watch. The Training Load Pro™ feature shows me how tired I can/should be, but I use my feeling and experience and compare it with the opinion of Polar. Often my feeling and Polar agree quite well about the load. If not, I can think about why not and the reason can be sickness, weather conditions, nutrition and so on. I also do the Orthostatic test to understand my recovery status. As busy mom of two I have little time to write a training diary so that’s why I use only Polar Flow. It’s so easy, just always wear your watch.





Swiss Ski Team


April 3, 1984

Proudest sporting moment:

My first ever clean shooting 20 of 20 at the Olympic Winter Games.


Career highlights


World Cup Hochfilzen

9th place


Olympic Games Sochi

2nd place


World Cup Hochfilzen

1st place

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