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United States

Kikkan Randall

Olympic Cross-Country Skier

Cross-country skiing can be a hard sport to measure. I’ve always relied on my Polar to help me train in the right zone and track my progress. I love the myriad of features I can use to analyze my workouts and always get extra satisfaction to see the visual representation of my workouts when uploaded into Polar Flow.



Cross-country Skiing


December 31, 1982

Personal Best:

5:00.02min (1 mile on the track, 2001)

Pre-race ritual:

Folding clothes, organizing my room.

Proudest sporting moment:

Getting our first-ever US women's World Cup relay podium with my teammates at the Gallivare, Sweden World Cup (November 2012) as well as helping create a championship women’s team.


Career highlights


Pyeongchang Olympics

1st place


World Cup Sprint Distance

1st place overall


World Cup Sprint Distance

1st Place Overall

World Championship Ladies Team Sprint

1st place


World Cup Sprint Distance

1st place overall

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