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Kaisa Mäkäräinen

Biathlon World Champion

I do most of my trainings with the Polar Vantage V on my wrist but during the training I trust a lot on my feeling too. It's interesting to see how for example tiredness affects the heart rate. I use Polar Flow as my training diary where my coach has access too and it has been really good for us, because we don't see that often face to face. He checks my data from Flow almost daily and gives his feedback about the training. Of course it's not all that you can tell about training or a race but it has given a lot for our daily contact even if I'm in mid Europe and he is in Finland.


I changed to biathlon from cross-country skiing at age 20 and it was probably the best idea of my life! I love this difficult sport, which mixes very physical skiing with shooting that needs patience in the middle of the race. I live in eastern Finland, Joensuu, where we still have real winters with lots of snow. This long journey in biathlon has given me much more than many nice results and I'm also really happy about those things even though high level results are of course the biggest motivation to keep on training and racing.




January 11, 1983

Pre-race ritual:

I check multiple times if my rifle's magazines are fully loaded.

Proudest sporting moment:

My all 3 total world cup wins (2011, 2014 & 2018) and and WCH gold medal 2011.


Career highlights


Biathlon World Cup

1st place overall


Biathlon World Cup

1st place overall


Biathlon World Cup

1st place overall

Biathlon World Championship

1st place overall

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