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Ida Hulkko

Professional Swimmer

Polar Vantage V has been my second coach throughout the season. The heart rate monitoring makes sure I do every set in the right HR zone which improves the quality of training enormously. I can do high-performance sessions multiple times a week thanks to the recovery tracking system that is built into the watch. Together with the wrist heart rate, Polar OH1 and Polar Flow app, I can make sure that I am ready to give 110% in the pool, every day.


Training for over 25 hours per week for over 7 years has taught me so much about perseverance and Finnish sisu. Finding motivation through the hard times requires passion and that is why I want to enjoy and have fun in all my trainings. Too often professional athletes lose joy and passion for the sport itself and focus too much on results. Remember: every challenge is an opportunity.




TaTU Tampere


December 12, 1998

Personal bests:

30.53s (50m breaststroke, 50m pool, 2018)

1.08.04min (100m breaststroke, 50m pool, 2018)

29.85s (50m breaststroke, 25m pool, 2017)

1.05.40min (100m breaststroke, 25m pool, 2017)

Pre-race ritual:

Staring at the other end of the lane and repeating “every challenge is an opportunity” in my head before stepping on the start block.

Proudest sporting moment:

World championship final 2019, my very first world champ competition.


Career highlights


World Championship 50m breaststroke

8th place

Texas NCAA Championship D1 100yard breaststroke

5th place


European Championship 50m breaststroke

5th place and Finnish national record

Swim Open Stockholm 50m breaststroke

1st place and Finnish national record


Finnish National Championship 100m breaststroke

1st place. First National Champion title, since then 10 have followed.

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