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Pieter Vanbussel


Favorite sport:


Fun fact:

I'm addicted to spaghetti bolognese. I eat it every day, sometimes even twice a day!

Most embarrassing sport moment:

At the Lowlands Throwdown 2016 I had to solve a puzzle during one of the workouts. If you didn't solve the puzzle correctly, you had to do a punishment on the Assault Bike (which makes you lose a lot of precious time). I was convinced I solved the puzzle and sprinted full of enthusiasm towards the finish line. The judge stopped me and told me I had to do the punishment. Very embarrassing moment!

Proudest sport moment:

At the Walters Cup Throwdown 2016, I teamed up with my wife, Nathalie (Nathalie Geurts, also a Polar Ambassador). We had no expectations of winning until we heard that we could win an all-inclusive trip to Los Angeles. We gave it our all and went home champions and with a ticket to the US!


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