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Roberto Mastrotto


Favorite sports:

Trail Running, Skiing, Alpine Ski

Fun fact:

I started running practically as a joke in 2015, more than anything else to get back in shape after a few years of total detachment from sport and to lose a few kg too much, in 2014 I had reached the respectable weight of 82kg per 168cm. From there it was a whirlwind of events and emotions that made me rediscover the mountain in a totally new form and that led me in a short time to collect important successes on different national races and on the Ultra Trail World Tour circuit.

Most embarrassing sport moment:

In 2017, on my first experience at the Ultra Trail du Mont Blanc, that year at the CCC, I rightly moved to Chamonix several days before the start, to discover and see those wonderful places with due calm. Let's say that I got a little carried away and on the day of the race I found myself starting already tired, with cramps already starting from the 30th km. Hard head I detached all the ambitions of the ranking and I went into "just get it done" mode. So I found myself in the last life base in Vallorcine to test the "first aid" in the field: pressure, temperature, blood sugar, a good night's sleep with bags of hot water and at re-established values ​​I left to get cooler than ever at night forwarded to the heart of Chamonix with a huge stupid smile on his face and his eyes full of mountains!

Proudest sport moment:

Among the sporting achievements of which I am most proud, I certainly cannot fail to mention my first victory at the Durona Trail in 2016 (the home race, where it all started) and then to two other races to which I am very attached: the Trans d' Havet in 2018 and 100eLode in 2017 and 2018. Internationally the victory at 100 Miles of Istria - Blue Course and the 19th place at UTMB 2018.


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