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Pietro Imeri


Favorite sports:

CrossFit and functional training

Fun fact:

I started to approach the world of functional fitness following a precarious state of health, in fact I am 55% disabled due to some genetic diseases. My starting situation was definitely below average, I could not perform a squat below the parallel. Today I am a trainer and owner of a CrossFit box.

Most embarrassing sport moment:

I was at the third WOD of my very first competition, maximum back squat value, when I tried my record for the third time, I load the barbell on my shoulders, I start the descent confidently and firmly. I hold it, I start the ascent and at that point my back and my legs left me: I lean forward and the bar rolls over my head while I was face down.

Proudest sport moment:

Having qualified for a race for the first time, we are talking about 5 years ago, it was a very small race organized by a box but it marked what for me was the beginning of everything. I had prepared myself and achieved my goal alone.


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