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Lorenzo Lotti


Favorite sports:

Running and triathlon

Fun fact:

Given that I started running in 2016 to lose a few kg and after 3 months as the first race of my life I decided to run a marathon in Rome without ever having run any shorter distance. I crossed the finish line not having carried the phone with me and I said to my girlfriend (later wife) 'see you on arrival' not thinking about the many people... fairy tale it took 3.00.14 to run my first marathon and almost the same time to find my woman.

Most embarrassing sport moment:

Called to go on stage for an awards ceremony, taken by the heat climbing the stairs I got entangled in a nail tearing my pants and staying almost in my underwear: very happy for the race, a little less for the moment after.

Proudest sport moment:

Victory at the Verdi Marathon 2019, after a hard-fought race with the strong Marco Ferrari in the thirty-eighth I stretched out and won with a gap and doing my new personal in marathon, 2.30.26.


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