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Debbie Everink

Favorite sports:

Triathlon, but interested in doing all types of sport

Fun fact:

I enjoy every second of my training, but when I get a day off I love spending it on the sofa in my Winnie The Pooh-onesie!

Most embarrassing sport moment:

I had to pee during the cycling section of my first triathlon. At the time I didn't know that 99% of triathletes actually do that. The most embarrassing part is that I now find it a 'normal' thing to do during a race, just like my co-triathletes. Little secret of a triathlete...

Proudest sport moment:

Without any background in swimming, cycling and/or running, I was physically capable in just one year's time to complete my first Ironman and cross the finish line in a good, fit state.


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