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Christian Van den Berg


Favorite sports:

Trail running, cycling, fitness & CrossFit

Fun fact:

I am really determined & passionate and when it comes to sports I always give it my all. My wife calls it an illness. I can't do sport as a hobby. I can't do cross-fit 3x a week, without a competition in the near future. I can't go riding without the idea of doing a triathlon. It's always action and then reaction, training to progress and striving to get the best out of myself.

Most embarrassing sport moment:

In the National Handbike Championships 2018, I was in the first pack of the race after one hour and 3 laps. In the sprint finish, I made a bad turn and both me and the bike went flying. I was very ashamed.

Proudest sport moment:

I am proud of all my sporting achievements. Small steps and improvements always give me an amazing feeling. At the moment I'm most proud of my own personal training studio/crossbox where I help a lot of people to chase their goals. I'm also proud of my performances in the handbike sport the last few years.


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