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Exercise, Cognition & Learning


A randomized controlled trial of coordination exercise on cognitive function in obese adolescents
Liu, J.-H.: Alderman, Brandon L.: Song, Tai-Fen: Chen, Feng-Tzu: Hung, Tsung-Min: Chang, Yu-Kai Psychology of Sport & Exercise January 2018, Vol.34, pp.29-38

Acute Exercise Facilitates the N450 Inhibition Marker and P3 Attention Marker during Stroop Test in Young and Older Adults
Hsieh, S. S.: Huang, C. J.: Wu, C. T.: Chang, Y. K.: Hung, T. M. Journal of Clinical Medicine 01 October 2018, Vol.7(11), p.391

Acute social and physical stress interact to influence social behavior: The role of social anxiety
von Dawans, B.: Trueg, A.: Kirschbaum, C.: Fischbacher, U.: Heinrichs, M. PLoS ONE Oct 25, 2018, Vol.13(10), p.e0204665

Aerobic exercise is more effective than goal-based exercise for the treatment of cognition in Parkinson’s disease
Silveira, C. R. A.: Roy, Eric A.: Intzandt, Brittany N.: Almeida, Quincy J. Brain and Cognition April 2018, Vol.122, pp.1-8

Aerobic Fitness Level Moderates the Association Between Cannabis Use and Executive Functioning and Psychomotor Speed Following Abstinence in Adolescents and Young Adults
Wade, N. E.: Wallace, A. L.: Swartz, A. M.: Lisdahl, K. M. Journal of the International Neuropsychological Society : JINS February 2019, Vol.25(2), pp.134-145

Conscientiousness is associated with improvement in visuospatial working memory and mood following acute physical exercise: A randomized controlled trial
Elkana, O. K. B., Nina Yaara: Louzia-Timen, Rona: Kodesh, Einat: Franco, Motty: Doniger, Glen M.  Personality and Individual Differences 01 October 2018, Vol.132, pp.126-132

Does manipulation of arterial shear stress enhance cerebrovascular function and cognition in the aging brain? Design, rationale and recruitment for the Preventia randomised clinical trial
Green, D. J.: Cox, Kay L.: Badcock, Johanna C.: Ainslie, Philip N.: Pestell, Carmela: Maslen, Barbara A.: Lautenschlager, Nicola T. Mental Health and Physical Activity October 2018, Vol.15, pp.153-163

Effect of Acute Intermittent Exercise on Cognitive Flexibility: the Role of Exercise Intensity
Dupuy, Olivier ; Billaut, François ; Raymond, François ; Benraiss, Abdelrhani ; Theurot, Dimitri ; Bosquet, Laurent ; Fraser, Sarah ; Tremblay, Jonathan Journal of Cognitive Enhancement 2018, Vol.2(2), pp.146-156

Effects of regular aerobic exercise on visual perceptual learning
Connell, C. J. W.: Thompson, Benjamin: Green, Hayden: Sullivan, Rachel K.: Gant, Nicholas Vision Research November 2018, Vol.152, pp.110-117

Effects of simultaneous aerobic and cognitive training on executive functions, cardiovascular fitness and functional abilities in older adults with mild cognitive impairment
Combourieu Donnezan, L.: Perrot, Alexandra: Belleville, Sylvie: Bloch, Frédéric: Kemoun, Gilles  Mental Health and Physical Activity October 2018, Vol.15, pp.78-87

Endurance Exercise Enhances Emotional Valence and Emotion Regulation
Giles, G. E.: Eddy, M. D.: Brunyé, T. T.: Urry, H. L.: Graber, H. L.: Barbour, R. L.: Mahoney, C. R.: Taylor, H. A.: Kanarek, R. B. Frontiers in Human Neuroscience Oct 16, 2018

Experimental Effects of Acute Exercise and Meditation on Parameters of Cognitive Function
Edwards, M. K.: Loprinzi, P. D. Journal of Clinical Medicine 01 May 2018, Vol.7(6), p.125

Experimental effects of acute exercise and music listening on cognitive creativity
Frith, E.: Loprinzi, Paul D. Physiology & Behavior 01 July 2018, Vol.191, pp.21-28

Experimental Effects of Acute Exercise on Iconic Memory, Short-Term Episodic, and Long-Term Episodic Memory
Yanes, D.: Loprinzi, P. D. Journal of Clinical Medicine 01 June 2018, Vol.7(6), p.146

Higher cardiovascular fitness level is associated to better cognitive dual-task performance in Master Athletes: Mediation by cardiac autonomic control
Dupuy, O.: Bosquet, Laurent: Fraser, Sarah Anne: Labelle, Véronique: Bherer, Louis Brain and Cognition August 2018, Vol.125, pp.127-134

Impact of aerobic exercise on cognitive impairment and oxidative stress markers in methamphetamine-dependent patients
Zhang, K.: Zhang, Qiaoyang: Jiang, Haifeng: Du, Jiang: Zhou, Chenglin: Yu, Shunying: Hashimoto, Kenji: Zhao, Min Psychiatry Research August 2018, Vol.266, pp.328-333

Improvements in cognition and associations with measures of aerobic fitness and muscular power following structured exercise
Cherup, N.: Roberson, Kirk: Potiaumpai, Melanie: Widdowson, Kayla: Jaghab, Ann-Marie: Chowdhari, Sean: Armitage, Catherine: Seeley, Afton: Signorile, Joseph Experimental Gerontology 02 October 2018, Vol.112, pp.76-87

Interacting effects of exercise with breaks in sitting time on cognitive and metabolic function in older adults: Rationale and design of a randomised crossover trial
Dunstan, D. W.: Wheeler, Michael J.: Ellis, Kathryn A.: Cerin, Ester: Green, Daniel J.  Mental Health and Physical Activity October 2018, Vol.15, pp.11-16

Investigating the relationship between cognitions, pacing strategies and performance in 16.1 km cycling time trials using a think aloud protocol
Whitehead, A. E.: Jones, Hollie S.: Williams, Emily L.: Rowley, Chris: Quayle, Laura: Marchant, David: Polman, Remco C. Psychology of Sport & Exercise January 2018, Vol.34, pp.95-109

Low-load resistance exercise improves cognitive function in older adults
Amanda Veiga Sardeli ; Marina Lívia Venturini Ferreira ; Lucas Do Carmo Santos ; Marília de Souza Rodrigues ; Alfredo Damasceno ; Cláudia Regina Cavaglieri ; Mara Patrícia Traina Chacon-Mikahil Revista Brasileira de Medicina do Esporte Vol.24(2), pp.125-129

Mental fatigue does not alter performance or neuromuscular fatigue development during self-paced exercise in recreationally trained cyclists
Silva-Cavalcante, Marcos ; Couto, Patrícia ; Azevedo, Rafael de Almeida ; Silva, Renata ; Coelho, Daniel ; Lima-Silva, Adriano ; Bertuzzi, Romulo European Journal of Applied Physiology 2018, Vol.118(11), pp.2477-2487

Multi-modal fitness and cognitive training to enhance fluid intelligence
Daugherty, A. M.: Zwilling, Christopher: Paul, Erick J.: Sherepa, Nikolai: Allen, Courtney: Kramer, Arthur F.: Hillman, Charles H.: Cohen, Neal J.: Barbey, Aron K. Intelligence Jan/Feb 2018, Vol.66, p.32

Neural basis for reduced executive performance with hypoxic exercise
Ochi, G.: Yamada, Yuhki: Hyodo, Kazuki: Suwabe, Kazuya: Fukuie, Takemune: Byun, Kyeongho: Dan, Ippeita: Soya, Hideaki NeuroImage 01 May 2018, Vol.171, pp.75-83

Physical exercise increases overall brain oscillatory activity but does not influence inhibitory control in young adults
Ciria, L. F.: Perakakis, Pandelis: Luque-Casado, Antonio: Sanabria, Daniel  NeuroImage 01 November 2018, Vol.181, pp.203-210

Randomized Controlled Trial Considering Varied Exercises for Reducing Proactive Memory Interference
Frith, E.: Sng, E.: Loprinzi, P. D. Journal of Clinical Medicine 01 June 2018, Vol.7(6), p.147

Randomized Controlled Trial Examining the Long-Term Memory Effects of Acute Exercise During the Memory Consolidation Stage of Memory Formation
Delancey, D.: Frith, E.: Sng, E. & Loprinzi, P. D. Journal of Cognitive Enhancement 10/18/2018

Relationships Between Aerobic Fitness Levels and Cognitive Performance in Swedish Office Workers
Pantzar, A.: Jonasson, L. S.: Ekblom, Ö: Boraxbekk, C. J.: Ekblom, M. M. Frontiers in Psychology Dec 20, 2018

Task-relevant cognitive and motor functions are prioritized during prolonged speed–accuracy motor task performance
Solianik, Rima ; Satas, Andrius ; Mickeviciene, Dalia ; Cekanauskaite, Agne ; Valanciene, Dovile ; Majauskiene, Daiva ; Skurvydas, Albertas Experimental Brain Research 2018, Vol.236(6), pp.1665-1678

Task-Switching Performance Improvements After Tai Chi Chuan Training Are Associated With Greater Prefrontal Activation in Older Adults
Wu, M. T.: Tang, P. F.: Goh, J. O. S.: Chou, T. L.: Chang, Y. K.: Hsu, Y. C.: Chen, Y. J.: Chen, N. C.: Tseng, W. Y. I.: Gau, S. S. F.: Chiu, M. J.: Lan, C. Frontiers in Aging Neuroscience Sept 24, 2018

The effect of mentally demanding cognitive tasks on rowing performance in young athletes
Filipas, L.: Mottola, Francesca: Tagliabue, Gaia: La Torre, Antonio Psychology of Sport & Exercise November 2018, Vol.39, pp.52-62

The Effects of Acute Exercise on Cognitive Function: Solomon Experimental Design
Jaffery, Annese ; Edwards, Meghan ; Loprinzi, Paul The Journal of Primary Prevention 2018, Vol.39(1), pp.37-46

The Effects of Aerobic Exercise and Gaming on Cognitive Performance
Douris, P. C.: Handrakis, J. P.: Apergis, D.: Mangus, R. B.: Patel, R.: Limtao, J.: Platonova, S.: Gregorio, A.: Luty, E. Journal of Human Kinetics 01 March 2018, Vol.61(1), pp.73-83

The Experimental Effects of Acute Exercise on Long-Term Emotional Memory
Wade, B.: Loprinzi, P. D. Journal of Clinical Medicine 01 November 2018, Vol.7(12), p.486

Time-trial performance is not impaired in either competitive athletes or untrained individuals following a prolonged cognitive task
Clark, I. E.: Goulding, R. P.: DiMenna, F. J.: Bailey, S. J.: Jones, M. I.: Fulford, J.: McDonagh, S. T. J.: Jones, A. M.: Vanhatalo, A. European journal of applied physiology January 2019, Vol.119(1), pp.149-161


A randomized trial of aerobic exercise on cognitive control in major depression
Olson, R. L.: Brush, Christopher J.: Ehmann, Peter J.: Alderman, Brandon L. Clinical Neurophysiology June 2017, Vol.128(6), pp.903-913

Aerobic Exercise Intervention, Cognitive Performance, and Brain Structure: Results from the Physical Influences on Brain in Aging (PHIBRA) Study
Jonasson, L. S.: Nyberg, L.: Kramer, A. F.: Lundquist, A.: Riklund, K.: Boraxbekk, C. J. Frontiers in Aging Neuroscience Jan 18, 2017

Affect during incremental exercise: The role of inhibitory cognition, autonomic cardiac function, and cerebral oxygenation
da Silva, W. Q. A.: Fontes, E. B.: Forti, R. M.: Lima, Z. L.: Machado, DGda S.: Deslandes, A. C.: Hussey, E.: Ward, N.: Mesquita, R. C.: Okano, A. H.: Elsangedy, H. M.  PLoS ONE Nov 1, 2017, Vol.12(11)

An acute bout of aerobic or strength exercise specifically modifies circulating exerkine levels and neurocognitive functions in elderly individuals with mild cognitive
Tsai, C. L.: Ukropec., J.: Ukropcová, B.: Pai, M. C. NeuroImage: Clinical 2018, Vol.17, pp.272-284

Cognitive Performance Enhancement Induced by Caffeine, Carbohydrate and Guarana Mouth Rinsing during Submaximal Exercise
Pomportes, L.: Brisswalter, J.: Casini, L.: Hays, A.: Davranche, K.  Nutrients 01 June 2017, Vol.9(6), p.589

Effect of load carriage and natural terrain conditions on cognitive performance in desert environments
Bhattacharyya, D.: Pal, Madhusudan: Chatterjee, Tirthankar: Majumdar, Dhurjati Physiology & Behavior 1 October 2017, Vol.179, pp.253-261

Effects of acute high-Intensity resistance exercise on cognitive function and oxygenation in prefrontal cortex
Chang, H.: Kim, K.: Jung, Y. J.: Kato, M.  Journal of exercise nutrition & biochemistry 30 June 2017, Vol.21(2), pp.1-8

Enhanced Learning through Multimodal Training: Evidence from a Comprehensive Cognitive, Physical Fitness, and Neuroscience Intervention
Ward, N.: Paul, E.: Watson, P.: Cooke, G. E.: Hillman, C. H.: Cohen, N. J.: Kramer, A. F.: Barbey, A. K. Sci Rep 2017, Vol.7(1), pp.5808-5808

Exercise and dietary program-induced weight reduction is associated with cognitive function among obese adolescents: a longitudinal study
Xie, C.: Wang, X.: Zhou, C.: Xu, C.: Chang, Y. K. PeerJ May 16, 2017, Vol.5, p.e3286

Exercise Intensity-Dependent Effects on Cognitive Control Function during and after Acute Treadmill Running in Young Healthy Adults
Wohlwend, M.: Olsen, A.: Håberg, A. K.: Palmer, H. S.  Frontiers in Psychology March 21, 2017

Exercise Modality Is Differentially Associated with Neurocognition in Older Adults
Chang, Y. K.: Chu, I. H.: Liu, J. H.: Wu, C. H.: Chu, C. H.: Yang, K. T.: Chen, A. G. Neural Plasticity Annual, 2017, Vol.2017

Exercise training improves cardiorespiratory fitness and cognitive function in individuals with substance use disorders: a pilot study
da Costa K G, Barbieri J F, Hohl R, Costa E C, Fontes E B Sport Sciences for Health 2017, Vol.13(2), pp.437-441

Improving cerebral oxygenation, cognition and autonomic nervous system control of a chronic alcohol abuser through a three-month running program
Cabral, D. A.: da Costa, K. G.: Okano, A. H.: Elsangedy, H. M.: Rachetti, V. P.: Fontes, E. B. Addictive Behaviors Reports December 2017, Vol.6, pp.83-89

It takes biking to learn: Physical activity improves learning a second language
Liu, F. S.: S.: Kornpetpanee, S.: Job, R. PLoS ONE May 18, 2017, Vol.12(5), p.e0177624

Open- and Closed-Skill Exercise Interventions Produce Different Neurocognitive Effects on Executive Functions in the Elderly: A 6-Month Randomized, Controlled Trial
Tsai, C. L.: Pan, C. Y.: Chen, F. C.: Tseng, Y. T. Frontiers in aging neuroscience 2017, Vol.9, pp.294

The positive cognitive impact of aerobic fitness is associated with peripheral inflammatory and brain-derived neurotrophic biomarkers in young adults
Hwang, J.: Castelli, Darla M.: Gonzalez-Lima, F. Physiology & Behavior 1 October 2017, Vol.179, pp.75-89

Time-Dependent Effects of Acute Exercise on University Students’ Cognitive Performance in Temperate and Cold Environments
Ji, L. Y.: Li, X. L.: Liu, Y.: Sun, X. W.: Wang, H. F.: Chen, L.: Gao, L. Frontiers in Psychology 01 July 2017, Vol.8

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