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Research Guidelines

These guidelines apply to the scientific studies on exercise sciences in Polar Electro Oy. These guidelines aim to certify that Polar Electro Oy is involved in the high quality research in the fields of exercise science. These guidelines are used in all research initials outside the company. Research co-operation application is send to address below. Proposals are evaluated and response given to applicant within one month. In evaluation an additional expert opinion is asked, if needed. The language required in all (international) project initiatives is English.

A research application should include the following documents:  

1) Presentation of the research unit (institute, university, department etc.) 

  • background and general presentation 
  • private or public (funding base)
  • staff and equipment resources-publications 

2) Presentation of the responsible researcher                      

  • curriculum vitae                      
  • main recent publications of the topic  

3) Research plan                      

  • abstract (1 page)                      
  • introduction (background, literature)                     
  • aim(s) 
  • benefits to Polar                       
  • general structure                     
  • subjects                      
  • measurements and other methods (e.g. statistics)                     
  • ethical issues                     
  • timetable                     
  • budget and proposal for Polar funding  (technology, money, other)                    
  • research group (and responsible areas)                     
  • publication plan                      
  • references   

On the basis of the above mentioned documents research initiative is reviewed based on the following criteria: 

  • significance and originality value for the company
  • competence of the study plan (probability to succeed)
  • competence of the responsible researcher
  • adequacy of the resources (personnel, facilities, equipment) in the research unit
  • justification of expenses
  • schedule  

Priority rating: 

1. Very important and relevant  

  • to be accepted as proposed
  • to be accepted after changes/modifications 

2. Important, but not of current interest in Company

  • to be rejected or transferred to " the waiting list" 

3. Not interesting and not in relation to Company actions

  • to be rejected  

After the study proposal and plan are accepted a research agreement is signed (2 copies).  A board of trustees or corresponding persons  is   named for the project. Progress of the study is followed by monthly meetings and by intermediate reports. After the study is finished a final report is prepared and one copy is supplied to Polar Electro Oy. This report follows the outlines of regular scientific publication emphasizing on results, findings, discussion and conclusions.

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