Polar launch new, state of the art, integrated GPS training device, RC3 GPS


Polar, the market leader and pioneer in heart rate training technology, has today released the RC3 GPS, a new training device with fully integrated GPS.

The RC3 GPS has been developed to provide sports and fitness enthusiasts with an all-in-one training device with the latest GPS technology built in. Ergonomically designed, with naturally placed buttons, the RC3 GPS has a breathable wristband for maximum comfort. Weighing only 58g and measuring just 1,37cm in depth, the device is one of the lightest and slimmest integrated GPS devices on the market. Its supersized digital display makes it easy to read and customizable, allowing a user to display up to three rows of training data.

The RC3 GPS combines the very latest GPS technology with ‘Smart Coaching’ - unique training guidance and features developed by Polar over the last 35 years. The device contains a wide range of easy-to-use heart rate based features including ‘Sports Profile’, where users preselect a sport and can monitor intensity specific to the demands of that discipline, and ‘Training Benefit’, where instant intuitive feedback is given straight after exercise.

The RC3 GPS also includes the ‘Back to Start’ GPS feature that directs users back to their starting point in the shortest distance possible. RC3 GPS users can now check out the more adventurous routes and explore them knowing that at the touch of a button they can be directed back to their starting place.

Using the latest SiRFstar IV technology, the RC3 GPS has an unrivalled GPS signal for total convenience whilst training, and with a 250 mAH Li-Pol fixed rechargeable battery it also allows users to train for up to 12 hours without the need to recharge.

Commenting on the launch, Marco Suvilaakso, Group Product Director at Polar, said:

“The RC3 GPS is the first Polar training device to combine integrated GPS with Smart Coaching and behind its design is over 35 years of experience in creating the most accurate heart rate monitoring and fitness products. This simple to use, all-in-one device is packed with features built around our unique ‘smart’ approach to sport and fitness training. This means that with the RC3 GPS, users can create training experiences, tailored exactly to their needs.”

Two popular Smart Coaching features include “Running Index”, whereby users are scored on how efficiently they are running, using their speed and heart rate details and “Training Load” which shows how intensively they have been working out and when they will be recovered sufficiently to continue training.

The RC3 GPS also captures a huge amount of data that is ready for users to analyze at the end of a training session. By logging onto polarpersonatrainer.com users can review, share and analyze their data in great detail.

Each ‘Smart Coaching’ feature has been designed to give users the most amount of guidance and support in achieving their goals in the most efficient way possible, and with the RC3 GPS being packed full of features just like these, users will see a huge improvement in their results.

Polar prides itself on giving users products that meet their needs and the RC3 GPS is no exception. From runners to cyclists there are a wide range of sensors that, once added to the device make it completely unique to a user’s needs. If running is a passion then users can include the S3+ Stride Sensor giving them data and knowledge on their technique and efficiency. Or for cyclists, speed and cadence sensors, once added to a bike give riders all they need to know about their performance.

To celebrate the launch of the RC3 GPS Polar is giving away new products across the globe via a campaign called Track Down. Polar ambassadors will be coming to cities across the world and via Twitter and Facebook give a hint to their location. The first person to find them will become the proud owner of a new RC3 GPS.