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Polar Team Pro becomes an IMS EPTS certified wearable performance tracking system


Kempele, Finland – September 25, 2019 – Polar, the leader in wearable sports technology for over 40 years, announces that Polar Team Pro, a GPS-based athlete performance tracking solution, has gained approval for in-game use from FIFA, the governing body for world football, according to the federation's International Match Standard (IMS) for Electronic Performance and Tracking Systems (EPTS).

In order for players to wear the sensor underneath their shirts in official matches, Polar Team Pro system had to pass rigorous safety tests conducted by SportsLabs and receive the necessary certification from the World Federation of the Sporting Goods Industry (WFSGI), stating that the technology meets industry manufacturing standards and is suitable for in-game use.

Designed for professional team sports, Polar Team Pro combines high-precision GPS-derived movement data, inertial sensor metrics and integrated heart rate monitoring into a mobile and easy-to-use wearable player tracking system. It provides the coaching staff with valuable insights into athlete performance, helps prevent injuries associated with overtraining and prepares teams to win more games through actionable, science-based data.

As an IMS EPTS certified wearable performance tracking system, Polar Team Pro meets the federation's requirements in terms of player safety, performance, durability, quality assurance and playing comfort.

With over 15 years of experience in dedicated wearable athlete performance tracking systems for elite sport teams, Polar offers proven technology for coaches to make objective performance decisions on-the-go. Professional sports teams all over the world rely on Polar Team Pro, including German soccer powerhouses Borussia Dortmund and VfL Wolfsburg and, outside soccer, the Atlanta Falcons in the NFL and New York Islanders in the NHL, among others.

Learn more about Polar team solutions and Polar Team Pro HERE.


About Polar:
For over 40 years, Polar has been the innovator of sports technology, helping athletes and coaches achieve peak performance. Polar began with heart rate monitoring but has since expanded into multiple training solutions for elite athletes, coaches and active fitness enthusiasts. Polar remains the trusted performance partner due to our accuracy, reliability and superior experience. Polar’s award-winning product range includes pioneering sports wearables that work elegantly with Polar training apps and cloud services.

Headquartered in Finland, Polar is a privately held company that operates in more than 80 countries. Polar products are sold through over 35,000 retailers globally. For more information, please visit


Media Contact:
Jani Juntunen
Product Manager, Team solutions

Polar Team Pro becomes an IMS EPTS certified wearable performance tracking system

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