Team coaches get first dedicated training app from Polar


New Polar Team solution lets coaches see players’ current heart rate data on an iPad

Polar has launched a new training solution for coaches and trainers of indoor teams in sports such as basketball, ice hockey and volleyball. The Polar Team solution consists of a free app for iPad and a Polar H7 heart rate sensor for each athlete. The Polar Team solution allows coaches to see live heart rate data on individuals or the entire team.

Coaches who use the Polar Team solution can:

  • See live heart rate data on individual players or the whole team
  • See how hard each team member is working, in real time, with highly accurate heart rate information
  • Compare team members with each other or with the team’s overall performance, in real time
  • Adjust training sessions for the whole team, or for individual team members, based on live data about each person’s physical state
  • Review individual and team performance at the end of each training session, with rich and detailed graphs to show how hard each player has worked
  • Share training summaries with other members of the coaching team or with players, for a greater overall understanding of physical performance

For players, using this system allows them to:

  • Understand their own performance and how to train at the right levels
  • Identify when they are over-training and at risk of injury
  • Compare their performance against other team members to boost motivation
  • Receive training summaries by email at the end of each session to track their progress.

The Polar Team app is available now from the Apple App Store. The app can be used in English, French, German, Italian and Spanish. More languages will be added in future versions of the app. The Polar Team app requires a Polar H7 Bluetooth Smart heart rate sensor for each athlete. The Polar H7 is available in a special team kit of 10 units together with a storage pouch. More information on these is available from local Polar offices. Individual units are also available to make it simple and cost-effective for individual players to be included in the system. Individual units of the H7 can be bought online at or through many leading sports retailers.

For more information:

Mr. Vesa-Matti Suorsa,
Product Manager, Team Sports
Tel: +358(0)8 5202 678
Mob: +358(0)40 5175285

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