Ride Like a Pro With the RCX5 Tour de France

Wednesday, March 28, 2012

If you’re dreaming of the leader’s yellow jersey, Polar will take you closer to what your heart wants with a special edition of the GPS-ready RCX5 training computer. Its slim design, user-configurable display and personalized endurance training programs help you train like a Tour de France pro – on and off the saddle.

In order to go far in the Grand Tours, pro cyclists are always looking for that something extra to give them the edge over their rivals. This year it will be the Polar RCX5 Tour de France, the official training computer of the most recognized cycling event in the world. With Smart Coaching features, it will guide you in planning, training, and analyzing your performance in detail. You can even share your sessions with your friends at polarpersonaltrainer.com.

The limited edition RCX5 Tour de France comes in an eye catching yellow color design and will be available in three different product sets with different sensors from April 2012. The bike set comes with magnetic speed and cadence sensors that offer the most reliable and precise cycling speed, cadence and distance measurement with real time response.

If you’re interested in seeing your route on a map after training, pick the GPS set. There’s no need to install or calibrate any sensors on your bike. Perfect for multisport athletes, the G5 GPS sensor measures highly accurate speed and distance in any outdoor sport and allows you to see the altitude curve of your session at polarpersonaltrainer.com.

The premium set is a complete package for the most demanding endurance athletes who are looking for versatile feedback on their training and performance in any sport. It includes the GPS and cycling speed sensors as well as the s3+ stride sensor that can tell your running cadence and average stride length to help you improve your running technique.

You can choose the set which suits your needs best and upgrade it later with accessories if you want. All sets include the WearLink®+ Hybrid heart rate sensor, Universal Bike Mount, and DataLink data transfer unit.

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