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Polar M600 vs. Polar V800 | Which is right for you?

What’s the difference between Polar M600 and Polar V800? Which one of them is right for you?

In this article, we dig a little deeper into the differences and the similarities between the two high-end Polar watches to help you with your decision.

The beef: smart vs. multi-sport

If you only have 13 seconds to spare, read this summary: Polar M600 is smart. Polar V800 is smart performance.

Quick comparison chart

Polar M600Polar V800
Polar Smart CoachingXX
Wrist-based heart rateX
Swimming metricsX
Multi-sport modeX
Connectivity with Bluetooth Smart sensorsHeart rateHeart rate, Cadence, Speed, Power, Stride
Smartwatch OS
(Wear OS by Google™)
Music storage and playbackX*
Battery life48 hours with Android devices,
24 hours with iOS devices
30 days
Battery life with GPS8 hours13h/50h (low-power GPS)
DisplayColor touchscreen,
240×240 px
Black-and-white display,
128×128 px
Water resistanceWaterproof
(suitable for swimming)

*When connected to Android devices

Full comparison chart 

Polar M600

Polar M600 leads a double life: it’s both a smart sports watch and a sport-optimized smartwatch. It’s like a secret agent who’s wearing stylish black, brimming with athletic vigor. “M600. Polar M600,” it seems to say.

The full name is Polar M600 GPS sports watch powered by Wear OS by Google™. Let’s break that name into its components:


If it says Polar, you know it’s made for an active lifestyle. Like this review says, we’ve been making heart rate monitors since before it was cool.


Compared to its sporty Polar buddies Polar M200 and Polar M430, Polar M600 adds smarts into the mix.

GPS sports watch

The Polar M600 has integrated GPS and you can track a wide variety of sport activities with it. Running, jogging, walking, cycling… you name it.

It also has optical heart rate measurement, a.k.a. wrist-based heart rate measurement. You don’t need a chest strap with Polar M600 (but you can use the Polar H10 heart rate sensor, if you want).

Powered by Wear OS by Google™

Okay, this is important. This is perhaps the most important difference between Polar M600 and Polar V800.

Polar M600 runs on the Wear OS by Google™ smartwatch platform. It is a part of the larger Android ecosystem while also being a part of the Polar Flow ecosystem. Best of both worlds, as we say.

Similar to your smartphone, you can customize Polar M600 with smartwatch apps and watch faces you download from Google Play.

You can also control the Polar M600 with voice commands, check the weather, play music from from Polar M600 without your phone and do all kinds of smart and fun things.

We can’t even list everything you could do because there’s a bunch of brilliant people around the world working on the next killer app for you smartwatch.

Another important note. Polar M600 is a Wear OS by Google™ smartwatch. What device are you reading this post on or what do you carry around in your pocket? Is it an iPhone or an Android phone?

If it’s an Android, you will get more out of Polar M600. Why? Android devices work better together. Simple as that. The Polar M600 battery will last longer and you have more ways to customize your Polar M600, for example by downloading apps from Google Play onto your Polar M600.

This kind of functionality is coming to the iPhone with Wear OS by Google™ but as of now theWear OS by Google™ experience is nimbler on Android than on iOS.

Polar V800

Polar V800 is a GPS sports watch, with emphasis on sports. Let’s dissect that name too.


The tagline for Polar V800 is Chosen by champions. We have long history in competitive sports and Polar V800 is the embodiment of our sports heritage.


Polar V800 is the Polar flagship product. To keep with the smartphone theme, Polar V800 is the newest iPhone. Polar V800 is what most die-hard Polar-heads wear when they want to sport the ultimate Polar swag.

GPS sports watch

Polar V800 is competitive sports on your wrist. You can do an IRONMAN with it. Swimming, running, cycling, trekking… It has all the Polar Smart Coaching features and it connects to Bluetooth sensors (heart rate, speed, power sensors…).

Polar V800 is built to last. Both build-wise and battery-wise. It’s tough and durable – inside and out – and has a long battery life. It doesn’t have a color touch screen like the Polar M600 but the black-and-white screen is easy to read even in direct sunlight and the buttons are easy to navigate with fingers slippery from all that adventuring. Every design decision has been made to ensure that Polar V800 is the ultimate sports watch.

To summarize, Polar V800 is a sports watch that is excellent at being a sports watch.

Key differences between Polar M600 and Polar V800

Battery life

Polar M600Polar V800
  • Connected to Android devices: 48 hours, with 8 hours of training with GPS and wrist-based heart rate
  • Connected to iOS devices: 24 hours, with 8 hours of training with GPS and wrist-based heart rate
  • 30 days as a watch with activity tracking.
    13 hours of training with GPS and heart rate; 50 hours of training with low-power GPS and heart rate.

Polar M600 is essentially a smartwatch. And as it goes with smart devices, you’ll need to recharge it more often than traditional sports watches. The battery on the Polar M600 can last two days when connected to Android devices. If you’re comparing smartwatches, that’s actually quite impressive. However, if you’re comparing the battery life on Polar M600 to other Polar products, it’s a rather unfair comparison.


Polar M600Polar V800

  • The touch screen on the Polar M600 is very pretty and responsive.

  • The black-and-white screen on the Polar V800 is very functional


Both Polar V800 and Polar M600 are built to last. They’re robust. If you’re in the market for something slightly slimmer, try Polar A370 or Polar M430.

Heart rate measurement

Polar M600Polar V800
  • Polar M600 has optical heart rate measurement. It tracks your heart rate from the wrist which means you’re ready to train whenever.
  • Polar V800 has to be paired with a chest strap to get heart rate data. While not the most comfortable athleisure accessory,
    the chest strap is still the golden standard of near EKG heart rate measurement.


Polar Flow – the app that keeps on giving

Both Polar M600 and Polar V800 work together with Polar Flow – the powerful online training, activity and wellbeing platform you can use as an app and on your desktop.

Features comparison chart

If you want to go into very specific details, check out this handy comparison table that lists the specific differences between Polar M600 and Polar V800.

As you can see, Polar M600 is true to its Polar roots with features such as the Polar Running Program, Running Index and Training Benefit.

The area in which Polar V800 excels is serious sport features, such as built-in interval timers, multi-sport mode, Recovery Status in the watch itself, a stopwatch, swimming metrics and low-power GPS mode which helps save battery in long sessions.

The final verdict

Are you searching for a sports watch that’s also a very capable smartwatch? Look into getting the Polar M600.

Do you want the sports watch with all the bells and whistles? Then it’s Polar V800.


Did you find this comparison helpful? Did you know that in most countries we offer free shipping for both the Polar M600 and the Polar V800 in the official Polar store?

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Please note that the information provided in the Polar Blog articles cannot replace individual advice from health professionals. Please consult your physician before starting a new fitness program.

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