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Polar Team Pro - World's smallest all-in-one GPS player tracking sensor

Polar Team Pro

GPS-based athlete tracking system

Designed for professional team sports, Polar Team Pro combines high-precision GPS-derived movement data, inertial sensor metrics and integrated heart rate monitoring, into a mobile and easy-to-use, wearable player tracking system.

Get valuable insights into athlete performance, prevent injuries associated with overtraining and win more games through actionable, science-based training data.

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"Polar Team Pro provides us with useful data such as heart rate, speed, and acceleration, so we can get the best out of the training and control the intensity perfectly."

Oliver Mutschler
Fitness and Rehabilitation coach, VfL Wolfsburg

Key features & benefits

Polar Team Pro offers a compact and intuitive mobile setup without any additional base stations or external antennas. Get accurate pro-level player performance data to follow your team’s training on your iPad in real-time.

Measure metrics that matter

Polar Team Pro provides the essential performance insights that every coach needs on individual and team performance: GPS-based movement data, inertial sensor metrics and integrated heart rate monitoring. Learn more

World’s smallest all-in-one player performance tracking sensor

The Polar Team Pro Sensor is the smallest player tracking sensor on the market. This all-in-one powerhouse collects all the data you need to get to the heart of your team’s performance. Learn more

Keep your loads in check

Cardio Load, Muscle Load, and Training Load values monitor the intensity and strain of each session to provide detailed performance and recovery metrics.

Optimise individual and team performance

Polar Team Pro is a robust and easy-to-use tool for mapping athlete performance in real time and afterwards. Analyse everything on the go or after the training, gain insights into the physical performance and training load of individuals and your entire team, in a safe and secure way.

Make objective decisions in real time

Polar Team Pro app delivers valuable real-time insights to help coaches improve all aspects of athlete and team performance and make data-backed decisions easily on-the-go. Learn more

Elevate your analysis

Gain deeper insight into your team’s performance and long-term progress. Track and analyse training loads of your athletes to prevent injuries. Create informative reports with powerful filtering and search options. All with a single safe and secure multi-team account in Polar Team Pro web service. Learn more

Team Pro API

Polar Team Pro can connect with any athlete management system through a streamlined Team Pro API integration, giving third-party applications gateway to the player performance data. Learn more

Up the game with wearable tech

Make athlete monitoring easy and seamless with Polar's scientifically validated wearable sports technology.

Get the full picture of your players' conditioning

Equip your players with Polar sports watches and take advantage of wearable sports technology and the science behind optimised individual training. Track your players’ individual training during the off-season or speed up their recovery from injury. Learn more

Take athlete tracking to the next level

The Polar Team Pro smart shirt is designed to provide seamless heart rate measurement and optimal GPS reception. The fabric is comfortable to wear and transfers moisture away from the skin. Learn more

What our customers say

Features and technical specifications

App & Web

App & Web

Polar Team Pro App

Monitor your team's real-time training data, compare players, get training summaries and analyse performance right after a training session. The Polar Team Pro player monitoring app supports live performance data for up to 60 players.

Polar Team Pro App & Web
Polar Team Pro Web

Analyse your team's performance, customise their training and get better results with the Team Pro web service, our cloud-based player tracking system. Available in 19 languages.


Polar heart rate zones

Monitor your team’s effort and performance and make sure your team trains at the right intensity level at each training session.

Individual training

Combine the data from your team sessions with the data from each player’s personal workouts to get the full picture of each player’s training. You’ll also be able to view their daily activity, sleep and recovery status.

Polar speed zones

Speed zones allow you to define the intensity of a training session with speed or pace. You can edit the zones in the Team Pro web service. Speed zones are customisable for different sports.


Monitor the number of sprints each player takes during a training session.

Training Load

The Training Load value makes it easy to compare each training session to see how short high intensity sessions compare to longer low intensity sessions. Users can choose to display the value as a simple score, or as estimated recovery time.

Cardio Load

The Cardio Load value tells you how much strain each training session puts on the cardiovascular system and is calculated after every workout as training impulse (TRIMP) from heart rate data to display the internal load on the body.

Muscle Load

The Muscle Load value tells you how much strain each training session puts on the neuromuscular system and is calculated from Running Power. It is used to quantify the external load on your body from high-intensity intermittent training.

Recovery Status

Recovery status is an estimate of a player’s state of recovery. It is based on the cumulative load from training and daily activity and it helps find the right balance between training and rest.

Sensor Shirt Dock

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Polar Team Pro

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Small but mighty

Despite its small size, Team Pro sensor is a real powerhouse packing a high-frequency 10Hz GPS, 200Hz MEMS motion sensor, Bluetooth LE and heart rate technology with one second data recording. These core metrics help coaches gain a detailed understanding of player performance.

Great on-field connectivity outdoors and indoors

All data is broadcasted live via Bluetooth LE technology to your iPad, with a 200-metre range outside on the open field or indoors. It has up to 10 hours battery life. Assisted GPS provides fast GPS fix and extensive live data buffering ensures that out-of-range gaps are covered to create an accurate, efficient and user-friendly experience.

Scientifically-proven technology

Gain a thorough understanding of player performance through Polar sensor fusion technology and proprietary algorithms. They help you track your players’ positioning with GPS, measure speed and distance, heart rate, accelerations, number of maximum sprints, running cadence and distance in dedicated speed zones.

Want to learn more about the technology and science behind the Polar Team Pro system?

Download the white paper to find out more

Designed for professional team sports

The Polar Team Pro men’s base layer smart shirt comes with seamlessly integrated sensors, to monitor heart rate and a pocket for player tracking sensor located on the upper back for optimal GPS reception.

The second skin fit ensures constriction-free movement on the field. While the specific body moisture system keeps players cool no matter what challenge the game throws. This smart shirt also blocks the damaging effects of ultraviolet rays, so players can concentrate in the heat of the game.

Meaningful data in real time

With the easy-to-use Polar Team Pro app, coaches have access to real-time data and meaningful metrics, so quick and informed decisions can be made on the go.

Detailed real-time performance data

Real-time data on distance covered, number of sprints, max speed and speed zones, makes it easier for coaches to know the total amount of movement clocked up by each athlete.

When you combine heart rate data with the GPS and accelerometer derived values, you can monitor the work rate of your athletes and quantify the intensity at which they are performing in training and games.

Track and analyse important performance insights

Instant post-session summaries allow for analysis of fundamental individual and team metrics and allow for an objective approach to athlete performance.

Weekly training summaries and history offer a simple overview of key performance data. The advanced analysis view enables player comparison and easy scrolling to access in-depth sample data.

See player movement patterns with positional heat maps and gain a better understanding of how your players are working together as a team.

In-depth performance data analysis

Comprehensive post-event reporting allows for granular analysis of training and match activities. All performance data is available for the entire coaching staff on a single account.

Knowledge is power

Session profile breakdown graphs, in-depth sample data curves, heat map visualisations, long-term reports on key performance insights and overall training load management capabilities, together create a dynamic and easy-to-use performance management tool for coaches, allowing coaches to retrospectively analyse sessions, as well as planning ahead to ensure the prevention of injuries and to optimise athlete performance.

Safe and secure cloud-based data

All Polar Team Pro data can be transferred, stored and accessed from our cloud infrastructure. The system offers a single account to manage multiple team rosters and sensor-produced encrypted data with individual and secured login for the entire coaching staff. They get easy access to the information they need in any place at any time on iPad and desktop.

Robust framework for preparation, recovery and rehabilitation

When your team uses compatible Polar sports watches, such as Polar Vantage V and M , you can gain a thorough understanding of your players’ overall condition throughout the season.

Find the perfect balance between training and rest and have a clearer picture of your players’ recovery status, before getting them out there again. No other athlete tracking system in the world measures player performance data so easily 24/7.

Connect with third party platforms

Whether you have a proprietary team platform or use third-party technology, Team Pro API links all your performance solutions with Team Pro player data.

Access key performance data

Team Pro API offers a gateway for third parties to connect with Team Pro specific data.

You can access the following data sets through our API:

Atlanta Falcons

We have been implementing the Polar Team System with the Atlanta Falcons since 2015 with excellent results. The data collected using this system has been an integral part of the player tracking process within our Athletic Performance paradigm.

The Polar Team Pro System is used every time our players compete on the field during off-season workouts, as well as during every structured practice throughout the year. Analysis of the data collected allows us to assess conditioning levels, properly prescribe training volume in the off-season, establish valid return to play conditioning parameters and effectively monitor workloads during training camp and in-season practices.

The Polar Team Pro System provides teams across all levels of competition the ability to assign numerical values to workloads associated with physical activity and to scientifically structure training and recovery programmes.

AJ Neibel
Head Strength and Conditioning Coach
Atlanta Falcons


Football, NFL

New York Islanders

The NHL season is incredibly gruelling. We play 3-4 times per week and have to fit in time for training and practising along with travelling. The Polar Team Pro allows us to give objective data to our coaching staff, on the physical toll our athletes go through in practice. This allows us to accurately manipulate volume and intensity to make sure our athletes have the time to recover before the next game.

In an era of over abundant analytical information, the Polar Team Pro allows me to get the information I need simply, cleanly, and in real time. I have used Polar heart rate technology since 1996 to help me with my programming. From the technology to the customer support, they are the gold standard in the industry and no one else even comes close.

Sean Donellan ATC,CSCS
Director of Sports Performance
New York Islanders


Ice hockey, NHL


Polar Team Pro has enabled us to capture data quickly and easily by having one sensor that houses heart rate and GPS rather than a separate GPS sensor. The feedback on heart rate coupled with speed and distance means we have a clear picture of player fitness. Using this alongside training load and recovery we can ensure players are working at the right level to improve and maintain their fitness during the season.

David Sykes
Head Of Physical Performance


Soccer, Scottish Premiership

Anaheim Ducks

Working with the Team Pro System has been a game changer for our organisation. Having systems in place for our NHL and AHL teams makes sharing data and information flow much more efficient.

The ability to recover information after an on-ice session within minutes of completion is key in keeping our sport coaches involved and aware of physiological metrics that are key in athlete performance. The ability to adjust athlete workload and build training specific to the athlete is key in managing the overall health and well-being of the athlete.

Mark Fitzgerald
Strength & Conditioning Coach
Anaheim Ducks


Ice Hockey

University of Oregon

Monitoring both the dose and response to training is crucial to understand the effects of training. For us objective measures of the internal load on our athletes could only be delivered reliably across a range of our sports by Polar. This has allowed us to collect information on the different drills that make up practice to assess the response or cost of these on our athletes and feed this information back to the coaches to adjust the dose. This has also helped objectively inform our return to play rehabilitation protocols when different facets of practice and rehab occur concurrently or on different sites. Polar’s move to using smart fabrics and integration of the monitor within a garment removes one barrier to use especially with some of our larger athletes who find the chest strap restrictive.

Andrew Murray
Director of Performance & Sport Science
University of Oregon