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Polar Flow for Coach


As a coach, seeing improvements in the people you coach means everything to you. Whether it’s a single client you’ve devoted yourself to, or a group of runners you’re training, you care just as much as they do about getting fitter, faster, stronger, and better – it’s a shared journey.

Flow for Coach is an easy-to-use online platform that houses all the training data for everyone you coach in one place. It’s accessible, convenient, and turns the wealth of complex data from those you coach into understandable, useful information that you can act on – removing the guesswork from your coaching.

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With Polar Flow for Coach, you can create, share, and implement detailed training plans for 1-to-1 training, and for groups – from individual workouts, to full season plans.


Every person you coach is different: different bodies, different abilities, and different goals. The best way to achieve any goal is to have a plan that is tailored to the needs of the person, it’s to easy-to-follow, and even easier to execute.


Flow for Coach allows you to monitor the training of a single person, or multiple groups. Each group can have up to 200 people, and you can add any individual to any group, meaning you can set training targets for numerous people at a time and manage everyone you coach.


Because results don’t happen overnight, Polar Flow’s Season Planner allows you to create tailored annual training plans so you can coach your athletes and clients over the course of an entire year – keeping everyone on the right track.

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Because Flow for Coach works seamlessly with Polar products, every training session you plan for your client or athlete is automatically synced to their supported device – which then guides them through every session to make sure training goes as planned.


Plan each individual training session effortlessly with targets you can drag and drop into the session plan – allowing you to split the session into intervals and define the length of warm-up and cool-down periods with Phased Targets, or set more simple targets such as duration or distance with Quick Targets.


Polar has led the way in sports wearables for over 40 years – and we’re not slowing down. Our innovations ensure that all of our products and services provide you with the most accurate measurement, data, and guidance you need to maximize the potential – and performance – of everyone you coach.


When you choose Polar, what you get is a team of scientists, researchers, and professionals who test, validate, and finally confirm that all of the data is indeed accurate – and can be relied on to guarantee the highest quality in sports performance and training.

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Flow for Coach allows you to access your client or group’s training and workout stats easily, then follow-up on the development. It provides you with a powerful set of analytical tools to monitor the progress, give feedback, and adjust the training when needed – so you can keep working towards achieving your goals together.


Polar Flow for Coach combines all of your athlete’s data – as well as their own evaluation – to give you a holistic understanding of their training, and provide you with extensive performance metrics so you can keep on top of your client’s progress – whether it’s 1-to-1, or a much larger group. Learn more

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Training plans to perform at your peak

Polar Flow’s Season Planner is a powerful tool for creating a tailored annual training plan for your athlete. No matter what your athlete’s goal is, you can create a comprehensive plan to help them reach it.

Plan for the entire year

Periodize your clients training and set weekly training volumes. Add main targets for the season, such as competitions or races, and plan training focus areas with colored themes on a weekly level.

Build a workout bank

You can easily create individual training sessions, training targets, for different sports and save them as favorites to create your personal training target bank. You can create different types of training targets; split the training session into intervals and define the length of warm-up and cool-down periods with Phased Targets or set a simple target duration or distance with Quick Targets. Training targets make training program planning easy and convenient – just drag and drop a target from favorites to your athlete’s plan. Each training session will be synced to your athlete’s Polar product. The Polar product will guide the athlete through every session.

Follow up and analyze progress

Follow your clients planned versus realized training sessions and seasonal volumes on a granular level with the extensive set of stats such as season totals, weekly heart rate zone distribution and many more. You can also adjust the on-going season or create an entirely new training program.

Understand the whole picture

With Polar Flow for Coach and the Polar ecosystem, you’ll get a holistic view of your athlete’s performance.

Extensive data

You'll get access to all the accurate data you need to maximize your athlete's performance. The training diary gives you a quick overview of your athlete’s training, and the extensive training analysis tools help you get to the core of their performance. When combined with sleep and daily activity data and Polar Smart Coaching features such as Training Load Pro, you’ll be able to see if your pushing too hard.

More than metrics

Polar Flow for Coach also takes into account your athlete’s own experience: your athlete can also add notes, comments and a subjective evaluation of each training session. Combining these subjective evaluations with the extensive data set from your athlete's Polar product, you can create a truly holistic view of your athletes training.

Long-term follow-up with reports

Polar Flow for Coach’s extensive training reports will help you understand how your hard work is paying off. Use the reports when planning the next season and take your athlete’s training to the next level.