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Team Sports

Polar wearable technology for sport teams

Polar real-time player monitoring and player tracking systems let you monitor player fitness on-the-go throughout the season and reduce injuries with smart team sports tracking tools both online and offline.

Get to the heart of your team's performance.

Player monitoring for elite team sports

With over 10 years of experience in team performance tracking systems for elite sport teams, Polar player tracking and smart clothing technology offers state-of-the-art tools for teams all over the world.

  • 150+ NCAA Teams
  • 50+ Pro Soccer Teams
  • 13 NFL Teams
  • 5 NBA Teams
  • 5 NHL Teams

Polar Team Pro

GPS player tracking system for team sports

Polar Team Pro is a player tracking system that combines wearable technology, GPS and motion tracking with heart rate monitoring to create the ultimate performance tracking solution for team sports. Real-time player monitoring gives you invaluable and accurate training data for analysis for everyone in your coaching staff.

Leave nothing to chance.

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Polar Team

Wearable technology for indoor team sports

Polar Team player monitoring system shows your players’ accurate real-time heart rate data in every indoor sport. Take advantage of easy to use player tracking analytics and make objective decisions throughout the season.

Coach your team to be the fittest in your league.

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Coaches all over the world have discovered how Polar technology can help them track and analyze player performance throughout the season. Read their stories and learn how you can benefit of Polar Team Pro GPS based athlete performance tracking in your organization.

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Train with the best player tracking wearable technology

Just like you, we’re dedicated to be the best at what we do. Polar has a proud heritage in offering world-class wearable technology based player tracking systems used by elite teams in NCAA, Pro Soccer, Rugby, NFL, NBA and NHL. To keep you always one step ahead of the competition, we are constantly developing our products and services together with top universities around the world.

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