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Environment and Society


Polar Electro holds strict control over its operations and pays attention to the environmental aspects and impacts of its products throughout the product’s life cycle, from development and manufacturing to delivery and customer care. Environmental issues are included into the process already at the early stages of new product development and material supplier selection. Majority of the products are manufactured in Polar’s own factories and the main suppliers are situated within a close distance in order to minimize transportation. The supply chain from key material suppliers to retailers is carefully managed by Polar Electro in order to ensure that environmental aspects are taken into account.

Polar Electro continuously develops its materials and production processes in order to reduce scrap and waste. This also ensures that the products are manufactured using materials which are safe for people and the environment. Recycling of the materials is handled by approved recycling companies and communities. Consumers can return their old Polar products to any Polar Electro repair centers or retailers within the EU.

Polar Electro complies with all legal and regulatory requirements valid in the countries of operation (e.g. RoHS, WEEE, China RoHS, Packing, Battery & Accumulator and REACH environmental directives). Polar Electro voluntarily declares the environmental product attributes in accordance with the international ECMA-370 standard.

Polar Electro Social Accountability Policy

Polar Electro requires high ethical workplace standards in all locations where we operate. Polar Electro is a global company and therefore the social accountability principles are reviewed regularly to meet the regulations and agreements as specified in each country.

Polar social accountability principles;

We prohibit the use of child labour or forced labour, we arrange all legally mandated benefits for employees, we ensure safe working conditions, we do not discriminate in recruitment and employment practices, we support equal employment opportunity, we are committed to providing a work environment in which all individuals are treated with respect and dignity, and we ensure compliance with local working hour and compensation laws.

Polar Electro requires that its first tier material suppliers adhere to the same requirements. Moreover, we also request that first tier suppliers seek the same commitment from their respective suppliers.

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