Where can I find the latest versions of Polar Loop/Polar Loop 2 firmware, FlowSync, and Flow app for iOS and Android?

In order to fully enjoy your Polar Loop/Polar Loop 2, you must update it and its companion apps regularly. Here you can find the up-to-date version information.

  • Polar FlowSync v. 2.3.8 - Download the latest version here.
    You’ll need Polar FlowSync to update your activity tracker’s firmware. It also syncs your Polar Loop with Flow service. When you connect your activity tracker via USB, Polar FlowSync checks and offers you updates for it and your activity tracker automatically. The computer must have an internet connection.
  • Polar Loop v. 1.2.1
    You can check the current firmware version of your activity tracker from FlowSync’s settings view

    Polar FlowSync screenshot

    or in the Flow app Settings > Product information, under Firmware version:

    Flow App screen shot

  • Polar Flow app v. 2.3.1 for iOS in Apple’s App Store on your compatible device
  • Polar Flow app v. 2.2.0 for Android in Google Play on your compatible device