Syncing data between my activity tracker and Polar Flow app fails. What should I do?

If you can't see any updates of your recent activity in Polar Flow app, something has gone wrong with the sync. Let's see where the problem might be.

Automatic sync

Polar Loop: The data is synced automatically once an hour.

Polar Loop 2/Polar Loop Crystal: Your activity tracker syncs the data automatically to the Polar Flow app for iOS, when you reach your daily activity goal, when you get an inactivity alert and after you've stopped training with a heart rate sensor.

If the automatic sync doesn't work, please make sure that:

  • Polar Flow app is running at least in the background

  • your phone is within the range of 10 m/33 ft from your activity tracker

  • Bluetooth is turned on in your phone settings and working.

NOTE: Automatic sync doesn't work if several Polar Loop/Polar Loop 2/Polar Loop Crystal activity trackers are used with the same phone.

Manual sync

Pressing the button on your activity tracker will start the sync if there hasn't been one in the last 15 minutes. If the sync doesn't work, please go through the following checklist first:

  1. Check that Bluetooth is turned on in your phone settings.

  2. Do not wear a heart rate sensor when attempting to sync. If a heart rate sensor is close by, remove the sensor from the strap to stop the Bluetooth signal transmission.

  3. If your activity tracker is plugged into a computer with a USB cable, unplug it. Wear your Polar Loop on your wrist to make the button work properly.

  4. Make sure there's enough battery both in your activity tracker and your phone.

If you performed any of the above actions, tap the touch button on your activity tracker to start the connection.

If the sync still doesn’t work:

  1. Turn the flight mode on and off in your activity tracker.

  2. Remove the activity tracker from your wrist. Cover the connector of the activity tracker with your finger, tap the button and place the activity tracker on your phone.

  3. Close the Polar Flow app and restart your phone. Then start the app again and try syncing once more.

Contact if you still need assistance.