Pairing Loop with Flow app fails. Now what?

If Polar Flow app doesn’t find your Polar Loop, check that

  1. there's enough battery both in your Loop and your mobile device.
  2. your Loop is up to date.
  3. Bluetooth is turned on in your mobile settings.
  4. you are not wearing heart rate sensor when attempting to sync.

    If a heart rate sensor is close by, remove the sensor from the strap.
    This stops Bluetooth signal transmission from the sensor, which might interfere with pairing.

  5. your Loop is unplugged from your computer. You cannot pair Loop when it’s hooked to its USB cable.
  6. you are wearing Loop on your wrist. Loop back case needs to touch your skin for its button to work.

After you’ve checked the above, try pairing again. The connection is established by tapping the touch button on your bracelet.


If Flow app still doesn’t find your Loop

  1. Turn the flight mode on and off in your Polar Loop.
  2. Take the bracelet off your wrist. Cover the connector on the back of the bracelet with your finger. Tap the button and place the bracelet on your phone.



  3. Close Polar Flow app and restart your phone. Start the app again and try pairing once more.

Contact if you still need assistance.

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