Is it possible to transfer data from or Polar ProTrainer to Polar Flow web service?

Polar Beat users who have registered to have had their data migrated to Polar Flow web service. Currently data from Polar Beat is automatically transferred to both and Polar Flow.

At the moment it is not possible to transfer training data created with other Polar products from or ProTrainer 5 to Polar Flow.

However, we are developing a feature which enables easy data export from to Polar Flow. First we will enable exporting selected training sessions, and later we will offer the possibility to export more data at a time. Although we don’t have an exact schedule for this, we expect to be able to offer this during autumn 2014.

We’re also planning to enable data transfer directly via WebSync and WebLink software to Polar Flow, and transfer training data from ProTrainer 5 to Polar Flow. Details of this functionality, related products and transferred data will be communicated later this year.

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