How do I sync Polar Loop with Flow service?

You can transfer data from your Polar Loop via USB cable or wirelessly via Bluetooth Smart with the Polar Flow app.

Every time you plug in your Polar Loop to your computer, the Polar FlowSync software will transfer your data to the Polar Flow web service and sync any settings you may have changed in the service. The Polar FlowSync software must be running on your computer’s taskbar (Windows) or menu bar (Mac OS X) for the automatic sync to work.

If you use the Polar Flow mobile app, you can sync your data automatically with the web service by opening the app and tapping the touch button. The automatic sync takes place in the background once an hour.

With the Android version of the Polar Flow app you sync by having the app on the foreground and tapping the button on your activity tracker to start the synchronization.

How often do I need to sync?

For example, Polar Loop has the memory capacity to store either 12 days of activity and 4 one-hour training sessions with a heart rate sensor or 7 days of activity and 8 one-hour training sessions. Training sessions are recorded when you wear a compatible heart rate sensor.

You will get a MEM. FULL warning when the memory capacity reaches 80%. When the memory becomes full, the oldest activity data is overwritten by the most recent one.

Can I use one computer to sync many Polar Loops?

Yes, every Polar Loop is tied to one Polar account. You will sign in to your own user account in Polar Flow when you sync your own Polar Loop.

Does Polar Loop need updating? How do I do that?

To get the best out of your Polar Loop and to keep it functioning smoothly, it's a good idea to keep its firmware up to date. You only need to hook Polar Loop into your computer with its customer USB cord. When an update for Polar Loop is available, Polar FlowSync software will prompt you to allow the update.

Before updating, Polar FlowSync will first sync all your activity data with the Polar Flow web service. Then it erases all activity data from the bracelet, and updates the firmware. Polar Flow mobile app and Polar Loop may show incomplete activity data for the day you update. But not to worry, all your activity data from before and after the software update is combined at Flow web service.

Polar Loop sync is not working on Flow app (iOS/Android). Now what?

Polar Loop sync is not working on FlowSync (PC/Mac). Now what?

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