Heart Rate Monitor

Designed for Fitness & Cross Training

For those who want basic heart rate-based features to keep their fitness training simple.

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At a glance

For those who want basic heart rate-based features to keep their fitness training simple.

  • Shows when you’re improving fitness based on your heart rate
  • Displays calories burned
  • Comes with comfortable textile transmitter and coded heart rate transmission to avoid cross-talk
  • Suitable for swimming

Smart Coaching Features

  • Smart Calories

    Smart Calories

    Lets you know exactly how many calories you’ve burned.

FT4 Smart Coaching Features

  • Smart Calories

    Smart Calories

    Lets you know exactly how many calories you’ve burned.

    OwnCal is the most accurate calorie counter on the market. It calculates the number of calories expended during a training session based on your weight, height, age, gender, your individual maximum heart rate (HRmax) and how hard you’re training.

    Calorie calculationTip for using OwnCal
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User testimonials

I absolutely LOVE this watch -Maribeth

I purchased my Polar FT4 Heart Monitor Watch back in July and have been using it 6 days a week ever since. It works perfectly and gives me an acurate reading of my calories burned and keeps me on track when my heart rate gets too high. I absolutely LOVE this watch and I know you will too!

I now use the FT4 exclusively to set goals -Stu Katz

I'm currently in Cardiac Rehab and wanted a monitor that I could use on days when I wasn't there and for when the program completed. On the suggestion of one of the nurses I started using my FT4 while there and found that the heart rate reported by both the telemetry equipment in the Rehab. Center and my FT4 were identical and did not interfere with each other. I now use the FT4 exclusively to set goals and difficulty levels when working out. The user replaceable batteries and the "coded" transmitter on this model were key selling points when shopping for a heart rate monitor.

I have already dropped a dress size -Anne Fry

I purchased a my polar FT4 training computer on impulse whilst in a department store in the UK. I was thinking of purchasing a training computer but hadn't made any firm decisions on what I wanted to purchase or how I wanted to use it. Since purchasing the training computer I have increased the number of visits per week to the gym and have started to notice a difference in my physical wellbeing. I use the polarpersonaltrainer.com website to keep track of my gym and fitness sessions and how many I have managed to do in a week. Since using polar I have seen my average heart rate decrease which shows that my fitness is improving and that I have to work harder to increase my heart rate. I have already dropped a dress size and have received comments on how good I am looking and how much weight I have lost. I will continue to use the polar training computer to motivate and monitor my fitness journey and achieve what I want to achieve.

I am now far more conscious of my fitness level -Maggie Koumi

I am a 60 year old female and I have been attending group fitness aerobic excercise classes for many years. I have found them to be enjoyable and the experience is very social. Since purchasing my Polar FT4 I have found I am now far more conscious of my fitness level and am inspired to 'do better' and work harder. I am sure if I monitor myself regularly I will hopefully be able to keep up my training for another 20 years!

so much more comfortable -Trevor CJ Stewart

Way back in my jogging days I decided to train smarter and bought a Polar Edge. This served me well and I completed six or seven Sydney City to Surf runs many times without stopping (even up Heart Break Hill!). I am a keen tennis player and have also worked out in the gym. More recently I read about the value in getting ones heart rate to a higher level inshort bursts and at that time decided I should up grade my Polar product. The FT4 has worked well for me and is so much more comfortable and has the advantage of an owner replaceable battery.

Thankyou Polar! -Leanne Callahan

I thought I was fit but after using my F4 for a month, I realise that there is a whole new fitness level I never knew about! I've started to lose those last couple of kgs that have been super tough to budge! I still have a couple more kgs to go but I'm so happy with my F4 that after one week, I bought my Mum one as a Christmas present! I will happily recommend to others ;o) Thankyou Polar!

essential aid to keeping fit and healthy -Mark Stallbaum

The FT4 is great in making sure that I work hard enough to keep my heart rate in the training zone and allows me to compare my performance to previous sessions. A well designed, essential aid to keeping fit and healthy.

I enjoy watching the calories being burned -Jo Birkenhead

I joined the Michelle Bridges 12WBT and purchased my FT4 to keep track of my calories when exercising 6 times a week. I enjoy watching the calories being burned but also it allows me to know when to boost my heart rate when I want to burn a few more. I absolutely love the past data that can be used and I wouldnt be without it now. It has actually encouraged me to keep on going and am now eating healthily, have lost nearly 4 kilos in the process and my fitness has improved within 4 weeks. I never leave the house without it when Im in training mode. I even wear it to my zumba class to see how many calories I can burn.

I thought getting fitter meant going harder for longer ... then I learnt -Colin Gordon

I just thought getting fitter meant going harder for longer, which really was just a subjective assessment. Then I learnt that using a HRM, training smarter using heart rate zones, monitoring my recovery and applying some simple science to my training meant that I didn't have to flog myself everytime I worked out to achieve my fitness goals.

It teaches you to workout safely and keeps you on track. -Bernadine Grant

The Polar Trainer taught me out to exercise to my optimal level. Without it, I would never had known how much energy to exert. It teaches you to workout safely and keeps you on track. I always recommend it to people who are just starting to workout because I believe it will keep them exercising longer showing them that exercising is easier than they think.

I decided then to lose some weight -Walter Penor

Back in January 2010, I had Hernia surgery performed. When I was weighed in I was told I weighed 314 pounds. I also saw my doctors chart which stated that I was severly obese. I decided then to lose some weight. In working with my Chiropractor/Nutritionist, he told me that I should use your product to know where my heart rate was in order to lose weight. I found that using my Polar FT4 that it pushed me to maintain a certain level of heart rate. this in turn caused me to Lose 64 pounds to date. I am very happily 250 pounds with my goal only 25 pounds away. I will continue to use your product and have mentioned it to many friends as an aid for sports and weight lose. I would like to thank you for offering such a user friendly product that has helped me significantly in reaching my goals.

I have reached my goals -Marcel Sylvain

My FT4 has helped me to manage my training in a more efficient way and therefore I have reached my goals of loosing 15 pounds.

easy to use and I love that it keeps training files right on my wrist! -Donna Jones

I bought my FT4 specifically for when I run.I was teaching a running clinic and also encouraged some of the other runners to buy one to help focus their work out. Now I hate excercising at all without it and use it for my all my activities from spin classes (I'm an instructor) resistance training to walking and everything in between. I'm pretty fit so having the read out show me specifically where my heart rate is at lets me know if I'm working at the intensity I'm aiming for while staying safe. Before buying my FT4 I tried another brand (Sportline), but returned it to the store because it was way to complicated to use. The Polar training computer is easy to use and I love that it keeps training files right on my wrist! Also with so many models to choose from there is one that is right for everyone.

definately been an asset to my training -Bill MacIntyre

I have become a Mental Game Coaching Professional recently and decided to address my health issues with setting goals to become more fit and healthier at age 53 . When setting a goal you obviously have to have a starting point which I had a full physical and then had a metabolic test done. I now have target areas to train in and a short term goal. In order to start with my process goals I need a heart rate computer to ensure I am within my target areas. Once I decided on the FT4 i was off to the races. I was overweight (5'11", 229, waist 44 1/2), and high cholesterol. Started walking July 1 averaging 2 - 3 times per week with a goal to drop 16lbs from 229 to 213 in 8 weeks. I have met my first goal within the 8 weeks & have dropped my CHOL/HDL ratio from 8.93 to 5.33 & my CK from 217 to 131, (with the assistance of 5mg crestdor), and recently been as low as 210lbs as of Sep. 17. I have gained a couple of lbs to 215 recently, as I have reduced my training due to personal schedule. Have started back walking with my next target of 200 for Dec. 1, 2010. I have found that the FT4 computer as definately been an asset to my training plan and probably could not have met my target without it. Knowing my target zones and staying within them was probably the main reason for my weight loss. I plan to take full advantage of the polar web site and start using the personal trainer to assist me in obtaining my next target.

I have lost 18 lbs. and I couldn't be happier -Mike Brown

I grew tired of using the heart rate monitors that were built into the cardio machines that I used. On a cold morning it would sometimes take five or minutes for the monitor to work and even then who's to say that the registered heart rate was accurate? I finally purchased an FT4 and right from the start of my workout I know what my heart rate is and I know where I need to be so I can burn the most fat during my cardio workout. I have lost 18 lbs. and I couldn't be happier.

helps motivate -Millie Wilcox

With the FT4, I am able to track my progress toward my goals as I do my training with various cardio equipment at my gym. It helps motivate me and makes it much easier to keep track of where I am.

This product is GREAT! -Deb Swanlund

I have lost 28 lbs since wearing my FT4. I wanted to know how many calories I was burning when do an activity and get the most for the activies I was choosing. I started out walking and soon found out that I needed to push harder to burn carlories. Than I got the opportunity to do Zumba. My instructor is continually introducing new rountines and my calorie burn goes up regularly, so I realize how important it is to change things, even though it is still Zumba, it is different moves. This way I can continue doing something I love. Without the FT4 I am sure I would not be pushing my self so hard, because I know what my zone is and when I go higher I am still alive! This product is GREAT!

I've found my way back to my inner athlete, and I feel stronger and healthier than I ever have -Lisa Palmer

When I started taking spin class over a year ago I found the workout very challenging. Although in the past I had always been active, over the last few years I hadn't been working out as hard or consistently as I needed and I could feel the difference. However, once I bought a Polar heart rate monitor, things started to change. I could easily track my heart rate and be certain I was in the correct heart rate zone for my body so the workouts felt good but I didn't overexert myself. With the Polar heart rate monitor as my guide, month after month I got stronger and leaner, losing 12 pounds and slimming down to a size 6. With my increased cardio strength, I decided to enter a half marathon event through Team in Training, something I didn't think I'd ever be able to do. I'm raising funds for a great cause and challenging myself physically in a whole new way. Recently I completed a 9-mile training run, the longest run I've ever completed in my life. I keep training every week, always wearing my Polar. The half marathon is Nov. 14th and I know I will be ready! I didn't know that by buying the Polar heart rate monitor I would end up on this path. I've found my way back to my inner athlete, and I feel stronger and healthier than I ever have. Who knew a little device could provide so much guidance and inspiration! Buying the Polar is one of the best decisions I've ever made. Thanks Polar!

thrilled -Esther Peasley

When I first began to use the FT4, I was thrilled that it showed me the amount of calories I burned as well as consistently showing my heart rate, and at the end, my average heart rate during my workout. This has helped me make sure I am training at the right level and that I am working hard enough. This is my second Polar product, and I am very pleased with it. :)

very amazing

Like this watch veryit's so simply to use and gives you so much information about your training(s)...just can say, this is a very amazing watch :)thx very much

Helps motivate -Nikki

Very easy to you and helps motivate me to push myself a little bit harder. I wanted a heart rate monitor I could wear for aerobics, running/walking and for my yoga class, and this one works great. You can silence it so the notifications don't go off in classes and the strap is really comfortable and moves with you. I would definitely recommend.

So easy to use -Laura

Just got my FT4 and already I'm in love! It's great! So easy to use, and looking back on past fitness levels helps me motivate myself to keep getting even better! I recommend it!

It was very easy to set up -Kim

Heard awesome reviews about this product, very excited to use it. It was very easy to set up, so I'm stoked to track my training sessions.

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