Martina Dogana

Martina Dogana

General Information:
Born: 10. April 1979 in Valdagno, ItalySport: Triathlon (long distance and Ironman)Club: Triathlon Club Cremona StradivariHRmax: 192

Since 1996, Martina Dogana has attended triathlon competitions in the international level. Polar RS800CX has been a great help in her running and cycling training, because Martina wants to control her heart rate in order to get the right training effect. With the Polar ProTrainer 5 software, Martina is also able to analyze all her training data on PC, helping her optimize the season training. Now Martina is aiming at Ironman titles and the top ten in Ironman World Championships in Hawaii.


Products in use

Polar ProTrainer 5™