Benefits of heart rate training

Heart rate is a window into your player’s body: it shows you objective evidence on your player’s physical state and how their body responds to changes in physical activity. Accurate heart rate measurement makes this analysis possible.

Heart rate communication is based on maximum heart rate (HRmax). HRmax is the maximum number of heart beats per minute. The maximum heart rate varies from sport to sport, and from player to player.

When training with heart rate it’s beneficial to train in different target zones. The heart rate zones have different effects, and can be used to benefit your players in multiple ways. When you are coaching your players, they don’t always have to go faster, harder or for longer to get the most out of their training session. The right thing to do is to listen to their hearts, and train at the right intensity to get the effect you´re looking for.

See how:

Intensity (% of HRmax)

Maximum 90-100%

Benefits: Develops maximum performance

Feels like: Extremely difficult. Rapidly exhausts muscles, intense breathing

Hard 80-90%

Benefits: Increases maximum performance capacity

Feels like: Muscular fatigue and heavy breathing

Moderate 70-80%

Benefits: Improves aerobic fitness

Feels like: Light muscular strain, easy breathing, moderate sweating

Light 60-70%

Benefits: Improves basic endurance and fat burning

Feels like: Comfortable, easy breathing, low muscle load, light sweating

Very Light 50-60%

Benefits: Helps recovery

Feels like: Very easy for breathing and muscles

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