Why Polar?

Polar offers a variety of solutions for your student and teaching needs. You can choose from either Polar activity monitoring or heart rate monitoring – or a combination of both if that better suits your school’s program. And, if you happen to need a fitness assessment system or anything else from the range, you can easily upgrade later.

How exactly does Polar help?

With Polar, you’ll always have the tools to help inspire and motivate your students, and teach them the importance of a healthy lifestyle. Polar records exercise and activity data, giving instant feedback to both you and your students. You’ll have information that allows you to be the best teacher possible, giving your class objective assessments and allowing you to keep track of their development.

Polar helps your students develop the skills they need to make better choices about their health and fitness, both now and in the future. The individual guidance Polar provides means students have proof of effort and are easily able to see their progress, helping them to stay motivated in and out of the classroom.

Come report time, administrators can follow students’ physical activity, exercise data, trends and results. With Polar, you can provide tangible evidence of each student’s development to submit for grant reporting, or to show progress to parents.

Instead of waiting until the end of the term to learn of their child’s development, parents will be able to follow how physically active their child is from one day to the next through continuous feedback and accessible reporting.